Styles of wedding dresses for body types
January 29, 2024

Best Wedding Dress For Body Type

Looking for the best wedding dress for your body type? This guide will help you!

Women have different body types, and when choosing a wedding gown, these differences must be considered. If it does not suit the shape of your body, your favourite wedding gown won’t meet your expectations! It's important to keep in mind not to be ashamed of your body and always work on your assets when choosing the best wedding dress for your body type.


If until this moment you do not know what type of body you have, it is time to bring your measuring tape out and ask a friend to measure your shoulders, bust, hips, and waist. Once your measurements are taken, it is time to assess your body type:


Are your hips, bust, and shoulders almost identical in size and your waist is not as small compared to these parts? Then you have a straight or athletic body type.


If your bust or shoulders are larger compared to your hips, then your body type is an inverted triangle.


If the measurement of your hips is wider compared to your bust or shoulders, then you will fall under this body type.


This can be the most desirable among the body types, the hourglass is when your waist is smaller than your hips and bust by at least 25%.


To ensure that the wedding dress looks perfect on your body type, choosing the right silhouette is necessary. To know different types of wedding gown silhouettes and which is best to suit your body type, read the below guide:


This high waist wedding gown would complement athletic or straight body type, pear shape, and hourglass bride. It hugs the upper torso of the wearer. It also has a soft, flowing, and straight skirt for a stylish, classic, simple bridal look.


An A line wedding dress is a perfect choice for brides who have an inverted triangle or pear-shaped body. The fitted top that flares down to the bottom gives women with these body shape balanced measurements for hips and shoulders. It can also give curves to the athletic and straight shaped body.


If you have an hourglass body, a mermaid or trumpet wedding gown silhouette is a perfect choice for you. This wedding gown hugs the hips, bust, and waist. Therefore, with this type of design, it emphasizes your sexy figure even more. Trumpet fits up to your middle thigh, while mermaid fits up to your knee, and flares wider on the ground.

Off the Shoulder Sexy Wedding Dress with a Long TrainLoretta 122249 by Calla Blanche


This timeless wedding gown silhouette chooses no body shape. It shows off your shoulders, arms, and bust and can give you the princess look you dream of achieving. Although, if you are petite, this cannot be a good choice as you may look smaller and the materials of it may cover you.


The sheath (or for others column) wedding gown silhouette has a slim, long silhouette. It follows your body’s natural curves. This is best suited to those who have a slender and sleek figure. For instance, those of the athletic or straight and hourglass figure. If you are looking for a classy and elegant look, you will never go wrong with the sheath wedding gown style.


Now that you have discovered your body type and found out which among the many wedding gown styles fits you, it is time to shop around and find the best one to wear on your big day.

Here are some of the tips to consider when looking for a wedding gown:


Try out gowns that you think will look good on you, even if you don’t follow the wedding gown guidelines above. As long as the gown fits your budget, try it. Apart from the cut of the gown, it is how confident you are carrying it that can make it stand out.

Always be open to suggestions from couturiers and designers. They may have other concepts that may favor you.


Never make yourself fit a small if you are medium. Some think that if they choose a small size, they will look sexier and leaner. Unfortunately, that is not the case. You have to shop at your size and make your curves flaunt. Many wedding gown silhouettes flatter different body shapes.

Even if you are planning to lose weight for your actual wedding, we recommend choosing a wedding gown right to your size since adjusting gowns from medium to small is easier than the other way around.

Also, you have to be very comfortable during your wedding. Thus, too tight of a wedding gown will restrict your freedom of mobility. Be true to yourself, anyway, it is just you who will know your gown size.