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February 1, 2024

Barefoot Elegance: Boho Wedding Dresses Tailored for Beach Bliss

When the sun-kissed shores and the sound of gentle waves beckon you to say “I do,” there’s no better choice than a boho wedding dress to capture the carefree, yet elegant, spirit of a beach wedding. Our La Perle collection has a curated collection filled with boho beach wedding dresses specifically designed for a seaside celebration. In this article, we’ll delve into why our La Perle gowns are the perfect fit for your boho beach wedding and highlight the key features that make them the epitome of beach-worthy bridal fashion.

Breezy Boho Beauty

Beach weddings exude an air of relaxed elegance, and a boho wedding dress is the ideal choice to encapsulate this atmosphere. So, what features set boho gowns apart as the perfect beach wedding attire? Here are the top four features:

  1. Flowing Silhouettes:

Boho wedding dresses tend to feature flowing silhouettes that mirror the gentle sway of palm trees in the coastal breeze. Whether it’s the classic A-line, the relaxed sheath, or the flattering empire waist, boho gowns are designed for easy movement and comfort.

  1. Lightweight Fabrics:

To keep you comfortable under the sun’s warm embrace, boho gowns tend to be designed with lightweight and breathable fabrics like our Misty wedding gown. Chiffon, lace, and organza are among the top picks, ensuring that your dress catches the ocean breeze and flows gracefully with every step.

Misty LP2204 from La Perle by Calla Blanche

  1. Delicate Lace and Crochet Details:

Boho wedding dresses wouldn’t be complete without intricate lace and crochet details. These gowns feature delicate lace sleeves, bodices, and overlays, evoking the spirit of bohemian romance with a touch of vintage charm.

  1. Open Backs and Off-the-Shoulder Sleeves:

A carefully selected boho wedding dress with an open back like our Inez gown or graceful off-the-shoulder sleeves, embraces a romantic beach atmosphere. These features provide an added touch of sensuality and create a stunning focal point as you make your way down the sandy aisle.

Boho Wedding Dress with Backless A Line SilhouetteInez LP2216 from La Perle by Calla Blanche

Now, let’s shine a spotlight on a few of our favorite boho beach wedding gowns from La Perle that are certain to steal your heart.

  1. LP2338 Ambrosia

Boho Beach Wedding Dress with Sleeves and Lace

This flowing A-line wedding dress made from lace and chiffon is made with a boho beach wedding in mind. Not only is she a wedding dress with an open back which adds a dash of sexiness, her delicate lace details bring a touch of boho elegance. With this style, brides also have the choice to add detachable long sleeves to add to the relaxed yet refined bridal look for their ceremony. “Ambrosia” captures the essence of a beach wedding with a breezy, ethereal charm.

  1. LP2330 Ireland

Vintage Boho Wedding Dress with Sleeves and Lace

For brides who want a beach wedding dress that’s both sensual and boho chic, “Ireland” is the ultimate choice. The intricate boho lace, and the detachable off-the-shoulder sleeves create a sense of whimsy and versatility. The sheath silhouette is designed for easy movement, making it a perfect dress choice for a boho beach wedding theme.

  1. LP2101 Noor

Rustic Boho Wedding Dress with Bell Sleeves and High Neckline

If you’re seeking the perfect blend of vintage charm and boho beach elegance, “Noor” delivers. With her boho lace design and open back, this sheath wedding dress exudes a sense of country romance. The bell sleeves are not only perfect for the windy beach days, they add a bohemian touch, creating a truly spectacular wedding look that’s ideal for a sunset wedding by the shore.

  1. Daxton LP2309

Colorful Blue Wedding Dress with Slit and Pockets

What’s more boho than a colourful wedding dress like “Daxton” which combines whimsy with the simplicity of an off the shoulder, A-line silhouette. If you’re looking at the gown and wished the design was available in the more traditional ivory colour, you’re in luck because we offer this style in both color options. Her lightweight chiffon fabric ensures comfort under the sun, while the delicate floral details add an extra touch of boho beauty.

Accessorizing Your Beach Wedding Look

Now that we’ve got the look figured out, consider completing your perfect boho beach wedding dress, with these boho-chic accessories:

  1. Barefoot Sandals

Enhance the barefoot experience with elegant barefoot sandals that complement your gown’s style.

  1. Flower Crown

A boho wedding staple, a flower crown adds a touch of natural beauty and whimsy to your look. Beachy Bouquet

Opt for a bouquet with coastal blooms like seashells and tropical flowers to complement your beach theme.

  1. Oversized Hat

Shield yourself from the sun with a stylish oversized hat (like what our Stevie model is wearing) that exudes a beachy boho vibe.

Off the Shoulder Boho Wedding Dress with Bell Sleeves and Open Back

In conclusion, your boho beach wedding should be a celebration of love and nature’s beauty. If you choose a wedding dress with flowing silhouettes, lightweight fabrics, delicate details, alluring open backs or off-the-shoulder sleeves, your dress will no doubt encapsulate the essence of a boho beach wedding. With every step you take in the sand, you’ll embody the carefree elegance that makes beach weddings a truly enchanting and memorable experience and your love story will unfold against the backdrop of the sea, where the beauty of nature harmonizes with the beauty of your journey together.