Our bride Ashely Wallace
January 29, 2024

Our Brides: Ashley Wallace

The chances of Ashley and Jonathan meeting and spending forever together were infinitely small. They were raised thousands of miles apart. A destiny full of turns and detours brought Jonathan and Ashley to Auburn University as student-athletes, and in doing so, Christ brought a Southern California girl and a Southern gentleman together.

How they met:

It was Ashley’s senior year at Auburn University, where she had torn her ACL in soccer practice; Ashley redshirted and postponed graduation for a year. When she was rehabilitating her knee, Ashley had signed up for a class, and one of her classmates was Jonathan. At the time, Ashley had no intentions of socializing with anyone because her focus was to get back on the field and catch up with her studies. The semester was tough for Ashley emotionally, physically, and academically.

A week before finals, Ashley ran into Jonathan at study hall (student-athletes section) and noticed that he had scores of notes and flashcards spread on a table. She approached him and asked him if he would be interested studying with her for finals. He smiled and agreed. Ashley and Jonathan met a couple of times at study hall, and the study sessions paid off because Ashley aced the final.

A few months later, Ashley found herself at a crossroads: She had to decide if she was going to continue playing soccer after college and live abroad or if She would kick start her career in media. Ashley had asked for Jonathan’s advice, and he took the opportunity to minister Ashley and encouraged her to get involved with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) to seek answers to her prayers.Jonathan attended regularly and was one of the leaders. Ashley started attending FCA functions, and they began to build a friendship. Their friendship evolved and developed into a mutual attraction. Ashley and Jonathan dated for a year and seven months before he popped the question. A total of three years before they said: “I do.” Ashley and Jonathan are forever grateful that the Lord brought them together!


Jonathan popped the BIG question to Ashley as it was the week of Jonathan’s Senior Football banquet, he called Ashley’s Father on a Tuesday and asked for his permission to marry Ashley. They had an emotional conversation, and there were many happy tears. Ashley’s parents already had plans to attend Jonathan’s graduation and senior banquet that coming Saturday, but now they had to book a last-minute flight for Ashley’s sister (Maid of Honor) without Ashley knowing the real reason! They were successful! Ashley bought their story!

After that phone call, Jonathan put his secret plan in motion. He wanted to propose to Ashley inside of Jordan-Hare Stadium (Auburn’s Football Stadium) because Auburn is such a big part of their lives. Jonathan, a captain of the football team met with Auburn’s Athletic Director, Mr. Jay Jacob who gave him the green light. He then enlisted their AD to execute the surprise proposal.

Ashley was a nervous wreck on the days leading up to the banquet because she did not want her family or his family to blow the surprise for Jonathan – She took her job to keep the surprise very seriously! Ashley probably called everyone on the list two times with specific instructions. All of them kept telling Ashley to relax, and she kept telling them to follow her instructions to the letter. Saturday evening came with clear skies. At the conclusion of the banquet, Both Ashley and Jonathon’s families quickly left with the pretense of going to a nearby restaurant to gather for a toast in Jonathan’s honor. Ashley’s heart was beating so fast! The surprise was in motion. Ashley had managed to delay Jonathan for a few minutes and then convinced him that she should drive; Ashley thought – She was so sleek!! He is going to have the surprise of a lifetime! When he got in the car, Ashley told him that she needed to stop at the football stadium because she left her purse there from an earlier event. When they arrived at the stadium Ashley asked Jonathan to TRUST HER AND BLINDFOLDED HIM. Ashley was shaking with excitement for him as they walked through the locker-room and into the stadium – fully lit like a game-day. Ashley was so happy to see family, coaches, and friends gathered at midfield illuminated by the stadium lights and nation’s largest college video board. At the time, Ashley did not know that her Dad had a live link to what was about to take place on social media. Ashley’s best friends and family around the states were watching! Ashley took off the blindfold and stood a couple of steps behind Jonathan, so proud to have pulled off such a big surprise. Everyone yelled surprise to him. He spoke about his journey and family values and then…Jonathan called Ashley up and turned the tables on to her! Jonathan made a cell phone call and told me to turn around to face the jumbotron; it read, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” Ashley read it and gasped. She turned around, and the love of her life was on one knee with a ring in his hands. The live link on social media went viral, and the proposal attracted coverage by local and national television. Below is the link from “Inside Edition’s” highlight (less than 2 minutes) of the proposal.


Ashley and Jonathan’s wedding was on April 29th, 2017

The Wedding took place at Pursell Farms – in Sylacauga, AL. A 3,500-acre farm!

Ashely’s favorite memory would have to be their ceremony unity. It was such a special first moment for them as husband and wife. Jonathan and Ashley wanted their first act as husband and wife to reflect the foundation of their marriage. They demonstrated this with the washing of feet ceremony just as the Lord and Savior washed his disciples’ feet. Jonathan washed Ashley’s feet.

Ashley and Johnathon feel that the greatest way to express love for each other is by serving and honoring one another. After Jonathan washed Ashley’s feet, they prayed, embraced and worshiped to our unity song, “What A Beautiful Name” by Hillsong Worship. John 13:14-17


Ashley bought her dress from Mon Amie Bridal Salon in Costa Mesa, CA.

Ashley loved everything about her dress! It was not the style Ashley had initially envisioned for herself. She always saw herself getting married in a fitted or laced gown. When Ashley tried on her Calla Blanche dress that had all changed. Ashley could no longer picture any other dress. She felt like “a bride and Mrs. Wallace to-be.” She loved the detail of the back of her dress because it was so regal! The back design of the dress definitely sets it apart and was cut to perfection. The front of the dress was simple and elegant with the right amount of sexy. Ashley’s Calla Blanche dress was the only dress where her Maid of Honor, bridal party, Mom, and herself got emotional over! As Ashley stepped in front of the mirrors – there was no question. Ashley had found her wedding gown!