Fitted Sparkly Wedding Dress with Overskirt and Tank Straps
May 16, 2024

Wedding Trend We Love: Wedding Dresses with Detachable Skirts

Hot trend alert! Introducing wedding dresses with detachable overskirts! Perfect for brides who crave a grand entrance down the aisle but don't want to stick with one look all day.

Whether you’re having a luxurious ballroom event or a whimsical forest elopement, an overskirt is a beautiful way to elevate your bridal look. If you’re a bride-to-be and want to add an element of surprise to your reception or after-party look without changing your wedding dress, an overskirt will help you achieve just that!

Below we’ll break down the different types of wedding dresses with detachable skirts. From utterly romantic to red-carpet worthy, so you can easily find the perfect overskirt wedding dress. Let’s just say, the reaction to the grand reveal is going to be through the roof!

What is a Detachable Skirt Wedding Dress?

Also known as a detachable train, you can add a wedding dress overskirt to your wedding dress for some extra volume and drama. Brides can typically remove the skirt after the ceremony. Made from luxurious fabrics like tulle, chiffon, lace, or satin, a detachable overskirt is the perfect accessory to make a statement on your wedding day. 

How Do You Wear a Wedding Dress with a Detachable Skirt?

You can typically attach a detachable skirt to the waist of the wedding dress with invisible hooks, snaps, or loops. It can be a full skirt all around or with an opening in the front. Either way, it can transform your look from stunning to sensational in a matter of seconds. 

Strapless Lace Wedding Dress with Overskirt

Artemis 123235 from Calla Blanche

Pro Tip: Most of the time wedding dresses with detachable overskirts are sold separately from the wedding dress.

Why are They so Popular?

This trendy accessory ranges from simple and ethereal to dramatic and sexy. This means there’s a detachable skirt for everyone! Here are some of the reasons why overskirts are becoming a must-have accessory for stylish brides.

Two in One

Wedding dresses with detachable skirts are extremely versatile. They allow you to create multiple looks with a single dress. Walk down the aisle in a statement ball gown or romantic A-line silhouette, and in a matter of seconds, remove the skirt to reveal a curve-hugging mermaid or sheath silhouette perfect for dancing the night away! Moreover, if you’re planning a destination wedding, a wedding dress with a detachable skirt is perfect for traveling since you don’t need to pack a reception outfit.


Detachable overskirts come in a variety of styles, designs, and lengths, so you can customize your bridal look to fit your wedding theme and personal taste. You have the freedom to mix and match different styles, fabrics, and colors. Whether you’re looking for a full, floor-length skirt for a magical castle wedding or you prefer a shorter, flirty detachable train for a more modern vibe, there’s a wedding dress with a detachable overskirt for you.

Sexy Beaded Wedding Dress with Overskirt and Spaghetti StrapsShaughna 124105 from Calla Blanche

Comfortable and Practical

Overskirts are perfect for creating an element of awe on your wedding day. However, they also offer practical benefits. Because of beading, lace, and layers of fabric, some wedding dresses with full skirts can be extremely heavy.

Wedding dresses with overskirts, on the other hand, have a design that is more lightweight. The detachable overskirt allows for more airflow, ensuring you will stay cool and comfortable without sacrificing the opportunity for volume. And when it’s time to hit the dance floor, simply remove the skirt to move freely.

What are the Various Overskirt Options?

A detachable skirt wedding dress can be any silhouette. However, the most common are sheath, mermaid, and fit and flare styles. No matter if the wedding dress style is boho, vintage, or modern, you can add an overskirt to your wedding dress and elevate your bridal look to new heights of chic sophistication.

Vintage Boho Wedding Dress with Bell Sleeves and Overskirt

Dove LP2124 from La Perle by Calla Blanche

Modern Mermaid

If you prefer a sleek and modern silhouette, consider a mermaid wedding dress with a detachable skirt. . Opt for an overskirt that complements the silhouette and has a light textured fabric. Tulle or organza will create a soft and timeless bridal look. To give you an example, look at our strapless lace wedding dress with overskirt, Artemis.

Statement Sheath

If you prefer a curve-hugging silhouette that skims the body from the neckline to the hem emphasizing the curves, then consider pairing a sheath silhouette with a detachable overskirt. Overskirt will help you achieve a glamorous and red-carpet worthy look.

Choose a detachable train that contrasts with the silhouette for added drama. Think a voluminous tulle overskirt with intricate lace detailing. To give you an example, look at our sexy beaded wedding dress with overskirt and spaghetti straps, Shaughna.

Sexy A Line Wedding Dress with Slit and OverskirtHelen LA24103 from L'Amour by Calla Blanche

Bohemian Goddess

If you’re looking for a relaxed and carefree aesthetic, opt for a detachable skirt with flowing fabrics like tulle and chiffon. Overskirt will help you create an ethereal and free-spirited look. Complete the look with natural accessories like floral crowns, braided hairstyles, and layered jewelry. To give you an example, look at our vintage boho wedding dress with bell sleeves and overskirt, Dove from our La Perle collection.

Romantic A-line

An overskirt doesn’t necessarily have to create more drama. It can simply make you look even more romantic and add just the right amount of sophistication. Choose a detachable overskirt that enhances the romantic and feminine side of your wedding dress. To give you an example, look at Helen; a sexy A line wedding dress with a slit and overskirt from L’Amour.

Shorty with a Twist

A short wedding dress is a fun and playful option for brides who want to break away from traditional bridal styles. Whether it’s a short and flirty mini dress or a tea-length gown, adding a detachable overskirt can elevate the look with a touch of sophistication. To give you an example, look at our sheath short wedding dress with detachable skirt and strapless neckline, Ebony from Angela and Alison.

Sheath Short Wedding Dress with Detachable Skirt and Strapless NecklineEbony AA2318 from Angela and Alison


Detachable overskirts are a versatile and stylish accessory that can make your bridal look extra special. Whether you want to add more drama and whimsy to a simple silhouette or to create two unique looks for your ceremony and reception, a detachable overskirt is a fun way to do just that with minimal effort.

To find a style with your preferred overskirt, we encourage you to visit our dress search tool. You can sort through all the styles based on your preferences. And don’t forget to join us on social media for behind-the-scenes glimpses, real bride features, and more!