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Bride Story Featuring Sarah Roehl

  A love story featuring OUR Brides in OUR Bridal Dresses What’s better than finding the love of your life? It’s finding out that you both support the same sports team as well! Sarah and Derek’s story started in the Spring of 2011 at Western Michigan University and they quickly connected over their shared love for the BRONCOS. They both knew it was meant to be and Derek popped the all-important question

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Bride Story Featuring Ariel

  A love story featuring OUR Brides in OUR Dresses It’s often said that true friends know you better than you know yourself. And that is exactly the case with Ariel and her good friend Taylor. Ariel met her now husband, Narayan through Taylor and it was an instant connection. In fact, Narayan and Ariel also decided that Taylor would be the one who officiated their wedding. Ariel says that having Taylor

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Bride Story Featuring Paige

  A love story featuring OUR Brides in OUR Wedding Dresses Paige’s love story with Peter started in a bar located in downtown San Diego. She believes that the universe and stars had aligned just right as Peter was in San Diego for only a short visit and had decided to drop by the bar for a drink. Peter popped the all-important question when they were in his hometown of Virginia. Paige still

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Our Bride Story Featuring Mackenzie

  A love story featuring OUR Bride in OUR Dresses When Mackenzie’s good friend Jake asked her if she would be ok with being set up on a blind date with Jeremy, Mackenzie had just one thought on her mind, “Why not? I have nothing to lose!” Jake handed over Mackenzie’s number to Jeremy who texted her to ask her out for a coffee. They met at a Starbucks the same night when

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Our Bride Hanna

  A love story featuring OUR Bride in OUR Dresses This is another great story not only of the perfect wedding dress, but also of the bride! Hanna met her Husband, Derek while working at Starbucks. Derek started working at the same Starbucks as Hanna and it was an instant connection! At Starbucks you’re not allowed to date your co-workers so they had to hide their relationship for a long time. All

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Bride Story Candice

  A love story featuring Calla Blanche Bride Candice It all began with a move. An animal lover, Candice had trouble finding an apartment due to having “too many” pets(as if there could be such a thing). Luckily, she found a roommate with the same situation. On moving day Candice’s new roommate had friends come to help with the move. Grant, was one of those friends, he made quite an impression and

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