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Our Bride Sarah

  Our Bride Sarah Dave and Sarah got married in Pomfret, CT on December 30 th , 2017. They were thrilled when there was light snow as they said their vows. It just completed their idea of the perfect winter wedding! The night that followed was spent in creating wonderful memories with family and friends from all over the country. Sarah purchased her dress from Madeleine’s Daughter in Portsmouth, NH. She had decided that

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Bride story featuring Ashley

  A love story featuring OUR Brides in OUR Wedding Dresses Brandon had the cutest proposal in mind one week before Christmas for his high school sweetheart, Ashley. One day, Brandon came home with Christmas collars and new tags for their two dogs. They were sitting around their brightly lit Christmas tree when Brandon asked Ashley to double-check the tags for the dogs and make sure they were right. Ashley checked their

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Our Bride Lindsay

  A love story featuring OUR Bride in OUR Wedding Dress Ever since she was a little girl, Lindsay loved cakes. So, it wasn’t a surprise that she landed a job as a cake decorator. Though, she didn’t know that she would meet Mike, the man of her dreams, in the same cake shop and in fact be eating a delicious cake at her own wedding. Mike was the manager at Lindsay’s cake

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Our Bride Marla

  A love story featuring OUR Brides in OUR Dresses! Marla and her now husband went to the same high school and were introduced to each other through mutual friends. They drifted apart over the years, that is until fate brought them back together via a yoga class! Marla adores beaches and that is where her significant other decided to completely surprise her with a beautiful proposal. Their wedding took place on December 2

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Our Bride Christina Inghingolo

  A love story featuring OUR Brides in OUR Dresses! The perfect wedding dress is important but also are the stories behind them. Christina had always wanted a magical proposal. And Brandon knew just the perfect place to make that happen. One day, they were at Disney World when it was almost time for the fireworks. Brandon suggested watching the fireworks display near the castle and Christina went along. Just as the

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Our Bride Nicky Verheyen

  A love story featuring OUR Brides in OUR Wedding Dresses! Nicky was introduced to her significant other through mutual friends and they hit it off like a house on fire and became great friends before they finally decided to walk down the aisle. They dated for 7 years before deciding to make it official. The reason Nicky loves her husband is because they are both practical people and decided to get married

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