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Wedding Gift

10 Questions to Consider When Choosing A Wedding Gift

10 Questions to Consider When Choosing A Wedding Gift, and the Gifts to Match! Unless you happen to be one of the parents of the bride and helped to purchase the wedding dress, you might be overwhelmed by the number of gifts that a bridesmaid needs to get for a wedding. On top of that, you also have to figure out what the perfect gift is for that couple. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of questions you may want to ask yourself, and a group of perfect gifts to answer. Here are 10 questions to consider when choosing a wedding gift and the gifts to match!

Does this couple love to hobby together?

Choosing A Wedding Gift

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If the couple you’re buying a gift for is the type to do everything together, like knitting a quilt, cooking meals to romantically feed one another, or just chilling and binging a Netflix series, these are the gifts for them:

  • Board Games
  • Streaming subscription gift cards
  • ‘Date Night In’ cookbooks
  • ‘One Question a Day‘ book to fill out together
  • ‘Paint and Sip’ kit

Is everyone on a budget?

Perhaps the couple you’re buying a gift for appreciates a good deal and they understand that you’re on a budget. Maybe everyone was on a budget for this wedding, including the bride and the groom. They might be the perfect people to appreciate these affordable yet adorable wedding gifts:

  • Framed wedding invitation
  • CD mix/playlist of their favorite songs
  • Succulent/ house plant
  • Set of linens for their master bedroom
  • Selfie stick

Does this couple intend to set off on an adventure?

All this couple can talk about is the world they’re about to embark on together and not the world of marriage, but the actual planet Earth. They might have been planning their honeymoon trips, and their first year of marriage travels more than the actual wedding itself. These gifts are sure to send them off with the perfect farewell:

  • Corkboard globe
  • Scratch Map
  • Go Pro
  • Carry on/Rolling spinner luggage
  • Backpacking bags
  • Personalized passport holder
  • Personalized his + hers luggage tags

Do they secretly want money?

You know the bride and groom well, and although they didn’t request money, deep down you know that’s probably what they would prefer. It’s possible that they’re the picky type or maybe they have a lot of “stuff” around the house already; either way these are alternatives to suit them perfectly:

  • Amazon gift card
  • gift card
  • Southwest Airlines giftcard
  • Winery/ brewery gift card
  • Bed Bath and Beyond gift card
  • The Home Depot gift card
  • Just plain cash

Are they the type to stay home and be cozy?

Some couples out there really appreciate their time together, and after the wedding, they might just want to hibernate with one another. If that’s your bride and groom, these could be the perfect gifts for them:

  • Matching robes
  • Matching slippers
  • Personalized couple sized ‘hobby blanket’
  • His and hers onesies
  • Variety subscription box
  • Staycation gift box

Do they love to host events?

You can tell when they’re the type of couple that enjoys entertaining. They have weekly events, they’re always inviting you over, and their home has duplicates of everything for whenever you stay there. If they’re the couple that loves to host, these items will liven up their parties and events:

  • Cocktail bar cart and equipment
  • Pizza grilling stone set
  • Wine chiller
  • Personalized charcuterie board
  • Cooking pots and pan set
  • Wooden serving tray
  • Wine club membership
Choosing wedding gift

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Are they the annoyingly cute couple that can’t keep their hands to themselves?

You’ve probably known at least one half of this couple since their single days. Turns out, now that they’re in a devoted marriage, absolutely nothing has changed. These two love birds are all over each other and they’re not afraid to hide it. When they stay home, you have a pretty good idea of what’s going on there. Consider these items to help the newlyweds keep the flame of love burning beyond the honeymoon:

  • Lingerie
  • Massage candle
  • Aphrodisiac cookbook
  • Erotic dice game
  • Romantic hotel and dinner reservations
  • Couples retreat booking
  • Silky pajamas
  • Sexy toys
  • Romantic gesture coupons

Are they in a new stage of life (besides just getting hitched)?

Marriage can bring along a lot with it. Whether they’re moving in together for the first time, a baby is on the way, or they’re moving across the world to be with their new hubby; life has its way of keeping everyone on their toes. You can help the new couple settle into their new life with any of these gifts:

  • Professional decorating service
  • Wall art
  • Personalized doormat for the front door
  • Barbecue set
  • Multi-purpose kitchen appliance
  • Personalized front door mail organizer
  • Backyard awning or shade
  • Ergonomic home-office chairs

Are they the couple that loves to love?

Perhaps they’re the pairing that couldn’t wait to tie the knot and start their lives together. As their friend, you’ve known they were meant to be together and you wish nothing but the best for them. These gifts will help them reminisce on their nuptials for years to come:

  • ’Just married’ or ‘honeymoon’ photographer
  • Personalized ‘intersection of love’ street sign photo
  • ‘Our First of Everything’ journal
  • Map of the night sky from the day they were married or met
  • Customized ‘We Found Each Other’ puzzle
  • Engraving of their wedding invites keepsake
  • Photobook
  • Personalized memory box

Is everything on their registry already taken?

You may have landed yourself in a position where you barely know the couple, and of course, the registry is empty. You are also aware of the fact that showing up empty-handed or failing to deliver is frowned upon, so that’s also not an option. What are you going to do? Well, these options are some random wedding gift ideas out there, it may not be what they were expecting, but it may be everything they needed and more:

  • Jewelry stand or case
  • Smart speaker with voice assistant
  • Any variety of gift baskets (chocolates, wines, desserts, spa products, etc.)
  • Mr and Mrs personalized wine glasses
  • Personalized address stamp
  • Rubbing alcohol tabletop firepit
  • All-in-one Bluetooth speaker, wine cooler, and lamp

The wedding gift is the pretty little bow on top of what has been an incredible string of months putting together a lovely wedding. Depending on the couple, they may be expecting gifts, money, or nothing at all. Have a good understanding of what the couple is requesting from their guests. If the whole experience has been a little pricey for you, consider splitting the gift with the other bridesmaids as well as it will help give some relief to your budget.

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