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5 Foods To Spice Up A Menu At Your Fall Wedding

Fall is a beautiful time for a wedding. When you think of Fall lots of warm thoughts come to mind, warm house, a warm bed, and warm food, it’s a cozy time of the year. Here are some of the best Fall ingredients to add flavor to spice up your menu, so as soon as your wedding dress is chosen, make plans for a menu that incorporates your favorite Fall foods.

  1. Soups

Fall seems to have the best hearty soups filled with delicious flavor, and we seem to make the most of the vegetables that are in season. Having a soup bar is a great idea, with a few hearty choices. We have squash, pumpkin, carrot, beet, cauliflower, and broccoli, these are just some of the vegetables we use in fall. Add our favorite spices to these vegetables and rest assured you will have happy guests. Pumpkin butternut squash with curry and a dollop of cream on top. Cream of carrot with ginger, cauliflower & cheese, fresh beet soup with sour cream, and creamy broccoli with nutmeg. Some of these soups could also be made vegetarian.

  1. Pasta

Pasta is everyone’s favorite food, and there are lots of different ways to enjoy it. Some of the favorites we love are penne ala vodka, fettuccini al freddo, spaghetti Bolognese, or pasta primavera, these are all great dishes to spice up your fall wedding menu and can very easily be made vegetarian.

  1. Seafood

Seafood can really spice up your wedding menu! Mussels, shrimps, scallops, clams, crab, or lobster, this delicious seafood can add something special for your guests to enjoy. You could start off by serving your guest’s crab cakes or coconut shrimp with their cocktails, serve scallops in a white wine sauce, or mussels marinara before the entrees. If you have the budget, you could also feature mussels and clam bar.

  1. Meat

We always expect a good meat entre, and I think everyone who is a meat lover would choose roast beef as an entre, along with seasonal vegetables, the freshly made horseradish, and au jus gravy. Potatoes are always important with fall menus; you could have a potato station and fill it with all the favorites like scalloped, roasted, garlic creamed, baked with cheese, or french fried.

  1. Desserts.

Desserts are what most guests look forward to after finishing a delicious meal, and fall desserts are plentiful. Have a Fall pie station and fill it with apple, cherry, strawberry rhubarb, pumpkin, and pecan, with fresh cream, custard, and ice cream as toppings. Add a cream Brule to the menu and fresh fruits with a chocolate fountain for dipping.

A specialty coffee or fancy hot chocolate drink will go down well at the end of the evening, you could serve Spanish coffee or Irish coffee, or make your own signature coffee drink with a pumpkin or cinnamon twist.

I hope you found this article interesting, for more interesting articles please check out our Fall Ultimate Wedding Guide.


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