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5 Most Common Wedding Dress Alterations


Rule number 1 of wedding dress shopping: a wedding dress must be fitted. Including the alterations into your wedding dress budget is a step in the right direction. Women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and so do your preferences in terms of what makes your wedding dress perfect. Perhaps you love the silhouette and the way it looks on your body, but you might want to add a pair of long lace sleeves to complete your dream dress. Or you’re worried about the fact that you have think you have to lose a couple of pounds in order to fit into it because it fits on your waist but not on your chest. Bridal consultants and seamstresses know of all these common concerns brides to be are presented with. There are ways in which the experts can translate your needs and expectations and make your perfect wedding dress a reality. Read along for a list of what bridal seamstresses and tailors can do to make sure your wedding dress looks simply perfect for “I do”. In order to make their jobs even more flawless, we suggest you bring with you to your appointment the undergarments you will be wearing on your wedding day as well as your shoes. This way their measurements will be that much more accurate.

1. The Hem

In order for you, the beautiful bride to be, and everyone involved in the process to see exactly where the hem of your dress sits, we recommend bringing the shoes you will be wearing on your wedding day, or a pair with the same heel height. That way the seamstress and bridal consultant will be able to take the appropriate measurements. In case they need to make it longer, depending on the material and how much room is left to work with in the original design, the tailor/seamstress will be able to accommodate.


2. Chest, Hips & Waist

When you order your wedding dress, experts recommend wearing the size that fits the largest part of your body, and then taking a couple of inches in wherever needed. Your waist and your hips have different measurements, depending on your own body as well as the style of the wedding dress. With your undergarments on, they will be able to know exactly how much to take off. If you lose a couple of inches prior to the wedding, they can be adjusted on the 2nd fitting.

3. Adding a waist stay

Most dresses come with an elastic band around the waist to help keep your beautiful strapless gown in place throughout the evening without you having to pull it up every two seconds. We’ve all been there, and there’s no need to go through that nightmare on the best day of your life. Your seamstress has a trick under her sleeve called a “waist stay” that will ensure your dress stays in its place and looks picture perfect even on the dance floor.


4. Train loop & button

That spectacular 6ft train on your wedding gown will usually have a place to be held. Wedding dress designers understand that for brides to wear that jaw-dropping train it takes a little more than sass, and they try to incorporate a train loop and button for you to shorten it after the ceremony. If you need it to be a big higher, that’s when your trusted seamstress comes in.


5. Customizations

The dress of your dreams has long sleeves, but the one you fell in love with doesn’t? Fret not. These simple modifications are possible more often than not. Of, course it all depends on the designer and what options are available. Perhaps a long sleeve is not feasible, but cap sleeves, or perhaps a higher illusion neckline are a possibility. Trust your bridal consultant to know exactly how versatile that specific style is and how open the designer is to adding customizations to the wedding dress.

Alterations and wedding dresses go hand in hand. They’re like the peanut butter and jelly of the world of couture. In order to accomplish that picture-perfect dream bridal look, you must first make sure that your dress is comfortable and fits you like a glove. Your perfect wedding dress is a match made in heaven. Trust the helping hand of the bridal salon fairies to offer some guidance and expert advice as to how to make your wedding dreams a reality. If a seamstress is not available at that specific bridal store, they will provide you with a list of highly recommended tailors.


If you haven’t found your dream dress yet, check out our Ultimate Guide To Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Dress.

PhotoCredit– E. Henigan studios Photography.


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