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5 Things Every Bridesmaid Should Budget For

5 Things Every Bridesmaid Should Budget For

Remember the day the bride asked you to be her bridesmaid? Ever wonder why these invitations don’t come with disclaimer notices? 5 Things Every Bridesmaid Should Budget For?

Disclaimer: You may be asked to attend numerous wedding dress appointments

Disclaimer: You will be spending a lot of money on my wedding.

A wedding is a beautiful celebration to be a part of, but it’s time to get real about what this means for your wallet. Here are a few things you should consider budgeting for early on. Read our list on 5 Things Every Bridesmaid Should Budget For!

The Bridesmaid Dress

Some brides have different budgets than others, and that budget may include paying for the bridesmaid dresses. Other budgets do not, and that is okay, but that means the responsibility falls on you.

5 Things Every Bridesmaid Should Budget For

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This process could go many different ways, perhaps the bride has given free rein to choose any dress of any color, and that means you can choose a cheaper dress that still looks great and fits the part. On the other hand, the bride may have very specific instructions. Including a certain color, a certain boutique, or a certain designer, in which case you’re going to want to prepare a significant portion of your budget for this dress.

In most cases, a dress will cost around $150, however, know your bride when budgeting. Ask yourself, is she the type to choose a $500 dress? If so, be sure to consider that amount in your budget. You can also ask the bride relatively early about her expectations for the bridesmaid dresses. If you feel it may be a little out of your financial comfort zone, let her know, she may be understanding and have an alternative.

The Planning and Booking of Events

Bridal showers and bachelorette parties are two events that bridal party typically plans, hosts, and pays for. Luckily, they’re split between all the bridesmaids, but depending on how lavish each event is, this cost can be a big one. Especially with the inclusion of all the ‘team bride’ swag you will most likely order, you can put aside a significant portion of your budget for this as well.

The Gifts for the Happy Couple

Weddings do include many separate events, and at times it can be unclear as to which events you need to prepare a gift. Engagement parties, bridal showers, and weddings are the typical three where you should aim to bring a gift. A gift at the engagement party isn’t always required, but if you do decide to bring one, they are usually small and under 50 dollars. This gift can be just a card with a sweet congratulatory message and a bottle of wine or champagne for the couple to celebrate with. The perfect bridal shower gift could be something off of the registry, or a small self-care gift. If you’re close to the bride and you know her well, feel free to opt for something completely different that you know she needs or will absolutely adore.

Try not to splurge on those first two, keep in mind there is still a wedding gift to deliver. Many have said that you have up to 12 months to deliver this gift, but why wait? The sooner you deliver your gift to the happy couple, the sooner they can incorporate it into their new lifestyle. If budgets are tight and you’re truly not sure if you need to bring a gift, play it safe. You can ask the bride or groom, they just might tell you that it’s not necessary and save you a few bucks.

The Shoes and Accessories for the Wedding Day

Shoes and accessories may be small elements in the grander scheme of things, but they can definitely get pricey. Check with the bride to see if this is something she intends to include in her budget. Maybe, she has a preference over the completed look. If you’ve got some say in these areas, try to coordinate with the other bridesmaids; make sure the group will look great overall once you’re all together on the wedding day.

The Hair and Makeup Glam Up

The last items that fall between yours and the bride’s budgets are the hair and makeup. Again, ask the bride if she has a vision in mind for how she intends her bridal party to look. Updos, or not, natural makeup looks, or a makeup beat. There are so many variations that you want to make sure you have the bride’s approval.

We hope you enjoyed our blog on 5 Things Every Bridesmaid Should Budget For. In the end, this wedding could be well within your budget. Or maybe you have to make a bit of magic happen. The best thing you could do to prepare is to set a budget and try your best to stick to it. For more insights on what’s involved in being a bridesmaid, check out The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid. 


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