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5 Tips for Wedding Dress Alterations


A wedding dress needs to be fitted. There is no standard for the silhouette of a woman’s body. We all come in different shapes and sizes, with curves and dips that make us uniquely beautiful. The purpose of a wedding dress is to make you look stunning by accentuating your attributes, and having some alterations done to it will make wearing it even more exceptional. When you finally find your perfect wedding dress, you just know. There’s that feeling in your gut and that voice inside your head telling you this is “the one.” In order to solidify that feeling of belonging between the two of you, there are some things you might want to alter. Perhaps you require lace sleeves, or it fits right on the bust but big on the waist. Your expert bridal consultant will be able to show you what you envision. Before you embark on this journey of customizing your dress to your mind and body, we have some tips that will hopefully take the pressure off this part of the process.


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Timing is everything

One of the main reasons why experts suggest purchasing your wedding dress as one of the first steps in the wedding planning process is because it takes at least 3 fitting sessions to get it just right. The first one is the moment you purchase it, 9-10 months before your wedding day. The dress is then ordered in your size with the right measurements and specifications, whenever possible. Be mindful that certain dress styles cannot be altered. The second fitting session takes place 2 months before your wedding, to see whether the alterations are to your liking or if anything else needs to be done. During the third and final fitting session, which should happen less than 2 weeks before you walk down the aisle, is when you see the final product. A couple of small adjustments might need to be made in case you lose some weight due to pre-wedding stress.


In your wedding dress budget, you should consider an average of $500 for alterations costs. Some bridal boutiques have a fixed fee that covers the basic alterations, while others charge each service individually. If what you envision requires for the wedding dress designer to modify the original design, what the industry calls customization, it might come at an additional cost.

Current Size

Forget about losing weight for your wedding day. As a bride to be, you already have too many things on your plate. You are beautiful just the way you are and, to be honest, it’s easier to take a couple of inches off from the corset or the hips than to add more fabric to make the dress bigger. You will more than likely end up losing a couple of pounds anyway with all the stress, but those can be easily fixed in your pre-wedding fitting session.


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Undergarments and Shoes

When you’re trying on your wedding dress, it is very important to wear the same undergarments you plan on wearing on your wedding day. Whether you’re thinking of wearing Spanx, a corset, or a strapless bra, it will make it easier to know what your body will look like on that day and take the appropriate measurements. The size of your heels is also a big component. If you haven’t purchased your wedding shoes yet but you have an idea of how high the heel is going to be, make sure to bring a pair of shoes with a similar height. High heels can change your posture, make your body leaner, and might also require taking a few inches off the hem of the dress.

Small Entourage

For your fitting sessions, we suggest bringing only 2 people whose opinion you trust the most. They need to be helpful in seeing things you probably might not see yourself without getting in the way of the tailor or causing you stress. They can also get a tutorial on how to properly close up your dress in case there’s a corseted top involved.

Fitting is everything, especially when it comes to your perfect wedding dress. Make sure you communicate all your concerns and wishes to both the tailor and your bridal consultant, so your dress can be altered to your specifications and fit you like a glove. Don’t worry so much about the way it looks with all the clips and add-ons, when you see the final product on your wedding day and hear everyone gushing about how stunning you look, you will realize why the dress chose you.


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