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6 Tips for Planning the Perfect Carnival Wedding


As far as celebrations go, nothing beats the genuine love and affection a wedding inspires in everyone involved. Of course, birthdays are awesome, Christmas is always joyful, graduations are empowering, but celebrating the love between two people who are about to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime requires an extraordinary party. If there’s one wedding theme that produces joy, awe and happiness in all guests and can make your nuptials even more festive, it’s carnival!

Whether your inspiration for this theme comes from The Greatest Show or a Caribbean carnival, there are a few things that you can do in your wedding to truly bring it to life. If your friends have kids, or you have underage nieces and nephews, having a carnival themed wedding is the perfect way to invite the kiddos to be a part of your festivities! Not everyone can afford to leave their kids with a babysitter or their parents, so not only do you all get to have fun, but you would also be accommodating to the little ones.


Setting up the mood for your fantastic wedding from the beginning is crucial. One way to accomplish this and get your guests excited about the prospect and what to expect on your wedding day is to have your invitations designed as tickets. You can even include some coupons for the kissing booth, carnival games and cotton candy.


A big beautiful garden is the perfect canvas for this type of wedding. You can set up a massive tent, either completely white or with red and white stripes, to hold both the ceremony and the reception. During cocktail hour, while the setting is being flipped to fit the tables and chairs, you and your guests can enjoy yourselves in any of the amazing games and food stands on the lawn.


To truly create that vintage carnival mood for you and your guests, consider a little DIY project for your fabulous entourage of bridesmaids and groomsmen. A great way for them to get involved in wedding planning is to ask them to create wooden signage for everything from the table numbers, directions to the different amenities in the garden, even have them work on that spectacular marquee with both the newlywed’s’ names that will be placed oh so proudly at the altar. Consider adding some cute string lights on the tent to create that whimsical vibe.


Adding a carousel might be a little bit difficult, and expensive to achieve, no matter what your budget is, but there are other types of cute fair games you can setup for kids and adults alike. Your wedding planner or your maid of honor can help you find the perfect vendor to install and supervise the bouncy castle, balloon pop stand, bean bag toss, fish cup, soda toss, and even a face painting booth for the little ones.


Food Stands

A vendor can provide you with the best carnival favorite foods to enjoy during cocktail hour and throughout the evening, such as cotton candy, funnel cakes, fried food and ice cream. Keep it casual and fun!


Your fabulous wedding carnival will be nothing without the appropriate entertainment. A display of professional acrobatics, a magician, aerial dancers, jugglers, even a farm animal petting zoo. Any of them will make for some wonderful photos and memories to last a lifetime.

A carnival wedding theme is a sure way to get everyone on their feet and enjoy themselves during your nuptials, even those who are not too fond of dancing. The entertainment options are wide and varied, with a relaxed, cheerful and festive atmosphere everyone will love, and your friends with kids will be more than grateful. The center of attention will be, of course, the happy newlywed couple. You in all your bridal beauty decked in a stunning vintage wedding dress like our Angelina 19240, with the perfect accessories and veil <<link to the veils tab on our website>>. Get ready to celebrate in style!

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