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7 Common Intimate Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

7 Common Intimate Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

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We have a hunch that you’re here because you’re planning a small wedding that you don’t want to be a disaster. Lucky for you, we’re here to ensure your big day goes as perfectly planned. From the proper mindset to choosing the perfect wedding dress, we have the tips for setting you up for a beautiful wedding day. Here are 7 Common Intimate Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid.

Assuming it will be cheaper

When planning a wedding, we have to be realistic and honest with ourselves—knowing your wedding’s main focus is key. If you acknowledge your wedding’s focus will be on the experience and that you plan to go all out on decorations, meals, and theatrics, the practical outcome likely won’t be a cheaper wedding. However, you’ll have a wedding that is everything you’ve always wanted. If you ask us, that sounds like a fair trade-off.

What you should do is be realistic with your wants and your reason why. Always set a budget, as anyone can easily get carried away when it comes to wedding details.

Not discussing your plans

A big mistake is planning a wedding that only satisfies one of the individuals in your relationship. It’s critical to ensure you and your partner are on the same page. (After all, it’s a wedding where the two of you likely have complete freedom and are entirely in control).

If not, then you might have some discussing to do to make sure you are and that each other’s expectations are equal, or at the very least, understood.

7 Common Intimate Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

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Saving planning for the last minute

You may have heard planning a small wedding is a much easier process than planning a traditional larger wedding, and while there may be some truth to this, a wedding is a wedding no matter the size. Planning an intimate wedding can require an extensive thought process, not to mention almost as many decisions as a traditional wedding.

While you may decide to cut out certain elements, chances are most of your cutbacks will be in quantity and size, and therefore numerous decisions will still have to be made.

Skipping a plan B

How many of us have attended an event where something went wrong? Vendors are canceling last minute, weather destroying venues, food arriving late, we’ve all been there. Unfortunately, brides-to-be, something can go wrong. Luckily, keeping this in mind, you can make your wedding day foolproof by including a plan B – for everything. Even smaller weddings can have things go wrong; it’s better to be safe than sorry (you can thank us later).


Forgetting you can say no

You might need to get used to saying no when planning a smaller wedding. You’re planning a wedding for you and your partner, which means your ideas, your preferences, and a smaller group of your favorite people. What that also means is saying no many people in your life. For instance, you might need to have these conversations:

  • Telling your parents you might not be getting married in a space that they approve of
  • Letting your cousin know that you’re not inviting them to the wedding
  • Telling your best friend they can’t bring their boyfriend as a plus one
  • Telling your siblings their band can’t play at your wedding

It will be challenging, but it is your wedding, and you deserve to plan a special day for you and your partner, not cater to everyone else’s needs. Remember that intimate can become not intimate very quickly the more you say yes!

Not choosing your dream dress

Your wedding experience is like no other, so start treating it that way! The last thing you want is to feel a sense of regret on your big day. When it comes to your wedding dress, go with what feels best and most comfortable to you. Have you always dreamt of being a glamorous bride someday? Then don’t hold back.

Are you more comfortable in a simple non-flashy gown? Make sure you stick to what your heart desires. The size of your wedding does not need to determine the style of your dress. On the day of your wedding, let’s vow together that you will have no regrets when it comes to that beautiful dress of yours.

Skimping on the experience

Even though you are downsizing your event, it doesn’t mean you have to lessen the experience as well. Weddings are always going to be filled with love. However, for your guests, you should ensure there’s also entertainment, so they enjoy their time at your wedding. For example, serving a five-course gourmet meal for an intimate group of ten people is a lovely idea; on the other hand, you can serve one main dish and instead splurge on a high-quality cut of steak.

For entertainment, you can use a significant portion of your budget on a DJ or a live performance of any nature or opt for fun games and activities that are sure to keep the party going. With smaller weddings, you have a lot more control; because of this, what goes on at your wedding is entirely up to you and your partner (and the options feel endless).


Now, keeping in mind these 7 Common Intimate Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid, hopefully, you feel a little more confident in planning a beautiful and very kind of wedding. If you’d like more tips for planning an intimate event, visit The Ultimate Guide to Small Weddings.


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