• Calla Blanche

7 Festive Ideas For A Merry And Bright Holiday Wedding

Updated: Apr 13

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Your family comes together around this time to celebrate together, so why not take advantage of the fact that they’ve already traveled from far and wide, to add another festivity to the mix. The possibilities are endless! You can go completely traditional or add some modern touches to the event. There’s a variety of color themes, decorations, and sources of inspiration that combined together, in different ways, will make for a jolly Christmas wedding. Even arriving in a horse-drawn carriage is valid for this wedding theme. There’s no such thing as corny when it comes to a holiday wedding, the season is already all about love. Which is why we would love to share some well spirited tips on what it takes to plan the perfect holiday wedding.

Invitations & stationary

This is where the theme starts to come to life. While for other types of weddings the invitations don’t necessarily have to go along with the theme, it is very important that your guests are made aware, for months in advance, that your wedding will not only take place in December, but it is Holiday themed. That will give them time to start planning what to wear and how much they can extend their stay in case they’re travelling. Add some gold accents, your chosen color palette, ribbons and ornaments. It’s time to get creative!

Color palette

Red, green and white are the traditional holiday colors. But if you are one of those brides who like to think outside the gift box, you might be open to the idea of blue, green & silver, burgundy, white & gold, dark green with some modern pops of color. Even neutrals with hints of green and gold. This color combination will carry throughout the festivities, so make sure it’s festive enough for you and your partner.

Winter Wonderland

We all love Christmas trees, and this is the perfect occasion to go nuts with them! Set up a couple by the dance floor, another one at the entrance of the venue, one of our brides even set up a whole Christmas setting with a Santa sleigh, gift boxes and a fireplace for her guests to take pictures by the beautifully adorned tree. If you want, you can limit the greenery to the dining room decorations in the form of garlands, pine cones and berry accents. Not Christmassy enough for you? Add a little snow!


Don’t limit to what the experts tell you online or on Pinterest. If there’s a place where you can find some fantastic ideas for how to throw the perfect holiday wedding, look no further than your favorite Christmas movies. From Home Alone, to Miracle on 34th Street, Elf, and the classics like A Christmas Carol, get in the holiday mood and take note. You’ll be surprised with the great ideas you’ll come up with.

Table settings

Now that you’ve chosen a color palette, you can add some Christmas spirit to your tables. Consider placing some candles as your centerpieces surrounded by a wreath, and don’t forget to include pine cones and jingle bells for that added touch of Christmas spirit.

Lights galore

Depending on where your wedding is taking place you can add some string lights on the ceiling for that twinkle light effect. They will not only create a warm and cozy setting for you and all your guests, but they will make you glow like a winter princess in a sparkly wedding dress such as Reghan # 120122 or Tallulah LA20127

Christmas favors

Why let the Christmas spirit end at the door? You can create some custom-made ornaments for your guests, with your initials and even your wedding date, that are so cute they will have no choice but to hang them up on their trees. They will have a memento from your wedding they can cherish forever.

The best part of having a Holiday Wedding is that every year you’ll be reminded of how amazing you looked and what a fantastic time you had with your loved ones. It will only make an already wonderful season even more special.

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