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7 Tips and ideas for bridesmaids dresses for your Fall wedding

Fall is such a beautiful time of the year, the cooler weather is coming, and the leaves are changing colour, a wonderful time to have your wedding. As soon as you have made the decision on your beautiful wedding dress, its time to choose the bridesmaids dresses. There are so many bridal styles and colours on the market today which makes it hard to decide what to pick for your group, so before going to the stores, go online, or buy some bridal magazines and put together your favorite styles and colours.

Here are 7 tips/ ideas to make your bridesmaid dress decision a little easier.

  1. Make a girl’s night in and go over your favorite picks taken from magazines and online. The girls could all give their input and help create a vision board, try to select a style and colour that will fit all silhouettes and skin tones. After decisions are made for style and colour, make a budget and arrange some appointments for the bridal shop. Remember to wear the correct underwear, this can make a difference in how the dress fits, and how you will look.


  1. Try to visit the bridal shops together so the orders will be delivered around the same time, the dresses can sometimes take up to 6 months for delivery, make sure you add a little extra time for alterations and ensure to have your measurements done professionally.


  1. Bring along your colour chart and a picture of your wedding dress so to co-ordinate the style, you could also have a belt made from the bridesmaid’s colour for your wedding dress.


  1. As you are having a fall wedding, there are many gorgeous bridesmaid colours to choose from, here are some colour suggestions below.


Wine, Burgundy, cherry, Red, Teal, Purple, Navy, Emerald, Charcoal, Eggplant, Silver, Burnt Orange, Chocolate. Cobalt, Gold and Black.

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  1. For outdoor pictures it may be a bit chilly so a matching shawl or shrug would be a good accessory to have, most bridal salons sell matching separates for most bridesmaid’s dresses.


  1. Some bridal parties have different styles for each girl, some styles flatter more than others depending on your body type. some of the girls could choose short and others long, it can look great if the colour is coordinated, the maid of honour could have a different tone to stand out from the rest of the group. Here are some styles that are popular today.


The one shoulder dress looks great and can be worn by all girls with different body shapes. The sweetheart style dress has been around for a long time and is everyone’s favorite, this style accentuates the bust. The empire style comes and goes through time, but this style looks great on all silhouettes, especially on a full-figured girl. The halter can sometimes look vintage and is great for a girl with a larger bust, it has the support that is needed.


  1. When your bridesmaid dress is ready, try to go to the store as soon as possible to have a final fit, it may need alterations which could take time, depending on how busy the store is. Bring along the underwear you will be wearing on the special day, and it’s a good idea to also bring along the shoes you will be wearing, sometimes your dress may need a hemline lengthening or shortening.

I hope you have found this article interesting, for more interesting articles check out, The Ultimate Fall Wedding Guide.


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