• Calla Blanche

8 Cool Tips For The Perfect Summer Wedding

Updated: Apr 13

Tying the knot over the summer is not just about convenience. Yes, you can plan a destination wedding to a sunny beach of your choice and, odds are, your guests will be more than happy to use it as an excuse for travelling and leaving work behind for a few days. But there’s also the added benefit that summer weddings are FUN! Getting married between June and August means pool parties, outdoors ceremony and reception, hot weather but also the opportunity to play around with all the elements that are in season. From your décor, color palette, and everything in between, find the coolest suggestions for how to plan your perfect summer wedding below.

Flowery invitations

The best place to start with your summer theme is the wedding invitations. Let your guests know, well in advance, that you are not planning a regular wedding, you’re planning a cool wedding. One where you won’t only be celebrating your love, but everyone will have a fantastic time! Try to include some palm leaves or prints of the flowers that will be featured at your nuptials. A lot of colorful flowers, fruits and vegetables will be in season, you’ll find plenty of options as to what to include in the design of your invitations and stationery.

Summery vibes

When you think of a summer wedding, one of the first things that comes to mind is the palette. One of the most popular combination of summer colors is white, yellow, pink, orange, and coral. If your wedding is taking place at the beach in an exotic destination, white everything with cyan in different shades and pops of yellow would make for a lively reception. The best part is, you can keep one neutral color as the base, like white, and then add pops of colour with beautiful palm leaves and gorgeous flowers sprinkled all over the place.

What’s in season

One of the advantages of a summer wedding is that pretty much all of your favorites are in season. In the floral department you can find orchids, daisies, roses, zinnias, peonies, lace cap hydrangeas, dahlias, anemones and celosia. Mix them up with some local greenery for the perfect summery arrangements. For your refreshing menu which should include salads and fruit garnishes, strawberries, raspberries, peach, melon, mango, avocado and lychees are your best allies.

Rehearsal pool party

Since your nuptials are likely taking place at the beach, why throw a stuffy rehearsal dinner? Get the party started with an unconventional pool party in lieu of the traditional one. The hotel that will be hosting your wedding already has all the essentials, including a fantastic pool, all you have to do is invite your guests over for some fun in the sun!

Welcome bags with essentials

One practical, and cute, way to make sure your guests are comfortable throughout the festivities is to provide them with a summer wedding survival kit. You can hand out a pretty wicker or linen custom-made bag with your initials on it, as well as your wedding day, that contains boxed water, a cute hand fan, a fashionable fedora, some bug repellent, and a couple of band aids.

Refreshing cocktail hour

It’s time to get the party started! During cocktail hour is when you can really let your imagination fly in the form of refreshments. Frozen watermelon slices are a wonderful pairing for your prosecco with popsicles. You can even create a fancy signature cocktail with seasonal lychees or mezcal popsicles for your more adventurous guests. For those who are not into alcohol consumption, setting up a station with flavored water is a must.

Cool fabrics

A satin ball gown for a summer wedding might not be the best idea. It is in this type of weddings that lighter fabrics such as lace and chiffon take center stage. A light and flowy gown such as Hazel 19252 or Danae LA9253 will keep you looking fresh and fabulous throughout the evening. For your bridesmaids’ dresses, cotton, linen and lace are the way to go. It’s all about fresh glamour!

Instagrammable stations

Your guests will be taking lots of pictures, give them a better reason to post them on social media! To keep them cool in the middle of all the dancing and celebrating, set up a station with popsicles, or smoothies so they can get some refreshments. Make sure you add a couple of neon signs with the hashtag for your wedding, they are so in right now. Want to surprise them even more? Get an ice cream truck!

If you want to add some color to your already gorgeous bridal look in your perfect wedding dress? Adding a couple of your favorite flowers to your updo will do the trick. They can be your something blue! You might also consider a fancy bridal hair accessory with palm leaves and pearls, or your favorite gemstones for a more elegant touch.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to a summer wedding! Keeping your guests comfortable and enjoying themselves is important but remember it’s all about celebrating the love between you and your lifetime partner! Whether you want to add string lights, wicker elements, flowers and refreshments, the goal is to make your wedding as perfect as your bridal look. Ready to find a bridal store? click here for the closest bridal store near you.