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A Fantasy Wedding Theme


You have had a vision since you were a child, having a fairy tale wedding was a dream. Dressing up and play acting was a regular play routine, so the moment you said I do to your prince charming, your wedding plans for your fantasy wedding theme began. Here are some fantasy wedding theme ideas that can help you along the way. From finding that perfect venue, to finding your perfect wedding dress.


Tea Party

Just imagine a fantasy wedding themed tea party in a beautiful garden setting. Surrounded with fairy lights and lushes of peonies and baby rose floral arrangements. Serve drinks from pastel colored teacups and champagne in a crystal style glass. You could serve small sandwiches, fancy cupcakes with colorful icing and cherry toppings. Your guests could dress up in their favorite fantasy characters. A large castle cake. WoW! I think you could make this on an easy budget.

For a bigger budget you could have a fantasy theme in a castle. Think of it! a real castle with beautiful gardens for the perfect dream setting, the wedding ceremony could be indoors or out. Casaloma in Toronto, Canada is just one of the many castles for your wedding venue. The reception could hold quite a large group if needed. Imagine the wedding pictures! And that Calla Blanche style 16127 Paulette or L ‘Amour dress Tatum style LA8223 by Calla Blanche.


Whatever colour shoes you would like, they are just thoughts away. Whether it be a blue or ivory satin, any colour you would like is possible with today’s dye options. You could dress up your fantasy shoes with added crystals or pearls or whatever Jewel, just glue the preferred Jewelry to your shoe, you can even have a professional shoemaker do this for you.


Party Favours

Wedding party favours are something to give your guests to remember your wonderful day! You can purchase some beautiful trinkets, maybe a crystal wine bottle top, or a small picture frame. But wouldn’t it be nice to make your guests something they could use that is also environmentally friendly? Some homemade soap, maybe sweet-smelling cherry blossom, or vanilla. Or make your own fragrance and present it in an organza fabric pouch to match your Lamour dress or a satin pouch to match your Calla Blanche gown, either would be very tasteful not to mention very très chic.

Your fantasy themed wedding can be anything that you imagine. Let’s say you and your husband to be wished to have a non-traditional theme. Maybe a pizza station and hot dog stand, with cotton candy and ice cream trucks. There could be lots of games for adults and some for the younger ones (if children are invited). You could have a carousel; the list is endless.

Remember this is your fantasy theme wedding. At the end of the day you can look back on something so wonderful, something you have created and put together along with the man of your dreams. Look at you in that beautiful Calla Blanche gown, or is it a Lamour by calla Blanche?


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