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A Garden Wedding Theme


You may have been thinking about your wedding day for a very long time. Ever since you can remember. Imagine yourself in a beautiful lush garden surrounded by trees, flowers, and a coastal breeze. Lots of ideas are swimming around in your mind but start off by writing down some down to ensure the garden themed wedding is the most beautiful day of your life. Start shopping for that special wedding dress.


Wedding Dress

The Gown

Shopping for that perfect wedding dress can be stressful, find a store in your area by using our store locator and try to plan your shopping experience for mid-week to avoid the busier Saturday rush. Most stores stay open late a couple of nights in the week, so inquire ahead of time and book an appointment. It is also very important to make sure the bridal consultant has an idea of your budget. Bring along a few wedding dress ideas for the consultant, it will make it easier on you both. A simple style dress in a softer fabric for your garden weddings like a Calla Blanche style120123 Harlow or Lamour LA8104 Jessica. Remember: unless your dress is a perfect fit you may need alterations that can be costly, so include this in your budget. Ask the bridal consultant what she has on the sale rack.

Tip: bring along undergarments and shoes like the ones you are planning on wearing on your special day to ensure everything pulls together for a great fit. Remember to check out our ultimate guide for choosing your perfect wedding dress.


A garden wedding can be a small romantic celebration in your own back yard, or you could go big as in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Ontario, where you could invite up to 300 guests and have on-site catering. No matter the size, there are lots of great ideas to include in your party for an atmosphere that will be a memorable occasion for everyone. Place your garden chairs around long banquet tables and dress them up with an accent fabric bow. Arrange your floral décor down the center and for the marriage ceremony and place a pergola feature filled with vines and flowers to match. It’s fine to be fun and creative after all, this is your special day! Place little fairy lights around the garden as it will set an ambiance in the evening and make sure to have a light jacket or cardigan to cover shoulders in the evening.


Best Wedding Dress


When your guests arrive, offer them a choice of delicious cocktails, a mint julip, or any type of signature drink. If non-alcoholic is an option, make something fruity. Have a sit-down or buffet style menu with lots of help-yourself dishes. Seafood, beef, and chicken along with salads and fresh seasonable vegetables. Have a beautiful wedding cake decorated with rosebuds and cupcakes filled with fruit, covered in buttercream. Later in the evening, you could serve mini pizzas and small sandwiches and even a popcorn station. Did you know you could hire a feature truck to park on your property and serve anything from burgers to ice cream? Before your guests leave the party send them home with a party favor, a small plant pot with your special date engraved on the front, fill it with flower seeds. It doesn’t matter what you decide for your garden wedding its your party and you can do whatever you want to.

I hope you have found this article interesting, for more interesting articles check out, The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Dress.

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