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A Military Wedding


There are many different wedding traditions regarding Military weddings. How handsome will your future husband look in his military attire, which he must wear if he is still an active member of the military? If the bride is in the service, she has a choice of uniform or traditional wedding dress. Let’s think traditional is your choice, what are your options?


Wedding Dress

The Dress

You may have been planning for your perfect wedding dress for some time. White or ivory, either will make a great contrast to the groom in uniform. L’amour style LA20114 Remember to check out our ultimate guide for choosing your perfect wedding dress and find a store in your area by using our store locator. Once you have booked an appointment, make a list of ideas you have for the bridal consultant. If you have a budget, make sure she is aware as it helps to have the bridal consultant know your vision for a perfect gown, also bring along the right undergarments and shoes similar to the ones you will be wearing on the day. Thinking about adding a train to your dress? Wedding dress trains vary in size from sweep to royal. Calla Blanche, Cleo style 120107, or Farrah style 120104 are beautiful options, you could even add an elegant cape for the church ceremony.

The Ceremony

Whether you decide for a church wedding or plan to have the ceremony at the base where you are stationed, be sure to have the military wedding of your dreams. Imagine the groom in uniform with white gloves an assortment of shining medals, it would be like something from a movie. Who doesn’t love An Officer and a Gentleman? If you have decided on a non-uniform ceremony opt for a light-coloured suit with grey, Khaki or navy coloured tie, depending on whether its army, navy or air force. Have the bridesmaids colour coordinate their dresses. Gift the bridesmaids a bomber style jacket in a light satin to add that perfect touch. After you have said your I-Do’s have military music for the march back up the aisle as Mr. and Mrs.


Wedding dresses

The Reception

If you are having your reception at the military base or have another venue in mind, try to incorporate the military colours into the decorations. The cake could be decorated with an army, navy or air force theme. If its Navy has a nautical style party, imagine how much fun it could be. Think about a 40s style theme, paying homage to WW2. Dancing to the music from that era would be fabulous, guests dressing up in the fashion style from WW2: swing style dresses and the men with their fashionable suits and baggy pants with long jackets. Make sure to include a photo booth so everyone takes home a little memory. Serve diner-type snacks at night and send your guests home with a smile.

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