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A Pink Wedding


Wedding Dresses

When I think pink, I think of being a young child growing up with pink fluffy stuffed animals, cotton candy, bubble gum and pink tutus. Lots of young brides have probably had fond pink memories also along those lines. Pink is a very romantic, feminine colour even though, over the last 20 years there is a lot of men’s fashion developed in pink tones. So, if you are thinking of a pink theme for your wedding there are lots of ideas. Let’s start with where to buy your perfect wedding dress. We are happy to offer recommendations on our website by using our store locator and finding the closest stores near me.

Dress shopping

Having a pink theme for your wedding doesn’t mean you have to have a pink dress, instead lots of pink accents. Your dress may be ivory, white or romantic blush. You’ve been planning for your perfect dress since you were young so at this point you have an idea of how your dress will look, look at the beautiful L’amour style LA8234. First, call ahead to the bridal boutique and make an appointment, then along with your budget, give her an idea for the dress of your dreams.


Wedding Dresses

Pretty in Pink

Pink satin shoes encrusted with Swarovski crystals with a matching headband is perfect with your Calla Blanche style 120125 Valentina dress. The bridesmaids with flowing pink dresses alongside their groomsmen coordinated with pink socks and ties. The flower girl matching the bride’s dress, accented with a pink sash and the ring bearer with his matching pink waistcoat. What a beautiful colour-coordinated wedding party you’d have. Depending on the time of the year, you would be so glamorous in a faux fur pink jacket. Treat your bridesmaids to a denim jacket with a pink motif on the back. You need to be creative and pack a wedding day punch.


Brunch weddings are a great idea and tend to be less costly, but you do need to have the ceremony early in the morning. Mimosas and Caesars to start, along with a waffle and pancake station. If you want something a bit more upscale, consider booking a location on a terrace or a beachfront and have canapes and pink champagne! Dress the space in pink and white roses, think of how beautiful the wedding photos would be.



Black and white with a splash of colour, the term is called monochromatic and it makes your wedding photos very glamorous. Discuss with the photographer which ones to process in this style, the rest can be traditional, your choice.

Party favours

Pink-hued rose quartz is a popular gemstone that is said to heal heartache associated with love. Put one in each pink organza pouch for each guest to take home, it can also be made into a necklace.

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