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A Rustic Wedding Theme Guide

You have been thinking of your perfect rustic wedding since you were very young and now the time is here. Your budget is made and you’re ready to find your perfect wedding gown. Shopping for that perfect dress can be stressful since this may be the most expensive dress you’ll ever purchase. Visualize the look you want and bring along a few images of your perfect rustic wedding dress to give to the bridal consultant an idea of your vision. To help with your shopping experience we have the ultimate guide to choosing your wedding dress and to find your perfect dress by finding the closest stores near me on the store locator.

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Calla Blanche 19252 Hazel @karenrainerphoto


When I hear rustic wedding, I think of Tuscany. Sitting around a long rustic wooden table with an abundance of breads, cheeses and lots of wine. Families with laughing children dressed in white cotton, large pots filled with green vines, colored roses cascading down sending and sweet aromas across the countryside air. The music echoing in the background lifting the spirit for everyone to dance like they never have before. A rustic theme wedding can be anywhere you wish. An apple orchard, a farm? Some farms rent out space for a perfect wedding reception and you have options to do your own décor to accomplish what you have dreamed. Fill the room with fairy lights and lanterns carrying candles to set an amazing ambiance. Drape white linen fabrics with burlap ties across the room and cover the tables with pots of fresh daisies. Place some pictures around the room from the younger days of you and your groom. Your dress could be L’amour by Calla Blanche style LA20213 Maisie or La Perle style LP2003 Joni.


If you can’t get to Italy for your rustic wedding, try home-cooking. Roasted chicken and ribs from the BBQ, corn on the cob and fresh salads, you could have a chip stand and a corner station set up with your favorite fruit pies. Have a fiddler set the tone for a rustic theme wedding to remember. Send your guests home with cool party favors, you could have candied covered almonds wrapped in a white cotton hanky tied with string or a baby tree to plant in a space of your choice. Try to come up with your very own creation.


There is something very dramatic and sexy about a girl in a dress and a pair of cowboy boots. Imagine the look when the girl is matching her boots with her wedding dress? This could be the ultimate rustic look for your wedding. You could choose white, blue or even pink boots. A comb covered in small soft flowers to compliment your natural long curled hair, or some braids with a sparkled covered ribbon intertwined. I could imagine this girl could be dressed in L’ amour style LA20101 Pandora. Remember to check out our Calla Blanche L’amour and La Perle brides’ stories.

Banner Image Credit: @karenrainerphoto

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