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A Small Wedding with The Big Details You Won’t Want to Forget

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Honestly, planning a small wedding is such an exciting experience. All of your closest loved ones, an intimate setting, and your stunning wedding dress perfectly picked for your special occasion… There’s nothing else like it! Your wedding’s size shouldn’t diminish its significance! Therefore, we want you to know that it is a big deal! That’s why, you deserve to marry the love of your life in a meaningful and memorable way. Here are some of the details you shouldn’t forget that will help make your small day feel big. A Small Wedding with The Big Details You Won’t Want to Forget!

Create a Registry List

Small Wedding

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A registry list may have been one of the first items you crossed off of your small wedding plans, but we’re here to say – put it back! No matter the size of your wedding, a registry list is never tacky! In fact, creating one may make the lives of your loved ones a lot easier (yes, even for you eloping couples). Friends and family members are sometimes eager to give gifts upon the announcement of an engagement.

Rather than have them struggle to figure out what you need, your registry will spell it out very simply or at least provide them with a direction to start. Besides gifts, you can consider a cash registry. Or another direction couples are leaning towards is a honeymoon registry – sounds genius. For couples who plan to elope and don’t think it’s appropriate to have a registry, create a list with minor items that aren’t too costly. Trust us, you’re not a burden (they want this).

Whichever type of registry list you create, do your best to make it universal. It allows you to customize directly to your needs by incorporating different companies all in one place for a Small Wedding You Won’t Want to Forget.

Secure Your Officiant

Planning a small wedding might mean a lot of the responsibilities are in your hands. A lot is going on, and there are tons of things to remember. So just in case you forgot, we thought we’d toss in a reminder. You’re going to need an officiant for the day of your wedding to carry out the ceremony and pronounce you as the happily wedded couple. Luckily, there are options! If you’re keeping things religious, you’re going to get your religion’s standard officiant (i.e., Pastor or priest if you’re Christian).

On the other hand, if you don’t plan to incorporate religious traditions in your wedding, you can opt for a judge, justice of the peace, or magistrate. Want to keep things super intimate – friends and family only? Have one of your loved ones get ordained! As a result, they officially and legally can be an officiant to preside over your wedding ceremony. There’s one more thing you can easily cross off of your list.

Make it Legal

A wedding can’t be official without the proper documents (usually there are two). You’ll want to make sure you check with the regulations in your area so you know what you need to make your marriage legit. Typically, you’ll need to get a license to be wed before the day of your wedding. Then bring that signed document with you on your big day. The second document will be the marriage certificate, which you will receive after your wedding day. After that, the feeling of being united together will be valid (even in the eyes of the law).


Small Wedding

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Get Yourself a Day of Coordinator

You may have been considering a wedding planner and trying to determine whether it was the right choice for you. However, if you hadn’t made this realization yet, they are expensive. Lucky for you, we’ve discovered the next best thing – a day of coordinator. If you have a pretty good handle on planning your wedding, the day of coordinator is the perfect addition to your team.

A month out from the big day, this coordinator will help finalize the details, contracts, and bookings you’ve made. Thus, making sure your day will run smoothly. They will be there on the day of to run the entire event, so you won’t have to lift a finger! Moreover, you can just take in everything your wedding has to offer.

Documenting the memories

The final element that you’ll want to secure for your special day is a videographer or photographer (we love the idea of including both). Many brides say their wedding was kind of a blur when they look back on it! Although a small wedding makes it a lot easier to be present, it’s not hard to get lost in the hustle and bustle of it all. Book a photographer and videographer to document all the big and small moments at a wedding (and yes, it is a much better option than using smartphones to take selfies).


If any of the above items were on your “not important” list, we want you to know that they are vital to a successful wedding and happy experience. We hope A Small Wedding with The Big Details You Won’t Want to Forget was a helpful read. For more tips on planning your intimate celebration, check out The Ultimate Guide to Small Weddings.



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