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A Vintage Wedding Theme


When you think of the word vintage you think of something of the past, and rightly so. Today’s vintage wedding gowns are mirrored from the classic designs from yesteryear. High-quality fabrics of lace or silk taffeta and tulle, sometimes a vintage wedding dress could be knitted or crochet. No matter what the fabric used for your vintage style dress, you can rest assured that it will be a sophisticated look. Calla Blanche style Farrah 120104 and Maura style 19105 or L’amour by Calla Blanche Daenerys style LA20114 are just a few of many timeless vintage style gowns you will adore. If you are asking yourself where the closest bridal stores are in your neighborhood, use our store locator page.


Wedding Dress


Transport yourself back in time for your vintage wedding theme look. Have your hair set in a finger wave style accented with a sparkling jeweled clip. Maybe you prefer a pearl headband or a crown. Carry a small velvet pouch or a tiny tapestry purse big enough for a lipstick, handkerchief or whatever small necessity needed. Can you imagine having your make-up in beautiful luscious tones? Shoes, so many unique styles, perhaps a satin T-strap or a gold mule.


Whether you want to set your vintage wedding theme reception on a grand scale or keep it as a small intimate one, we have some great ideas for you. Just make a budget and stick to it. Tip, if you are planning a home reception, shop ahead of time and visit some bric-a-brac stores or flea markets, you can find some vintage type glassware as in candlesticks, vases, and tiered sandwich plates to enhance your lace tabletop. Set the tone with floral arrangements in deep burgundy ivory with peach roses. Have some vintage music from the 30s or 40s playing softly in the background. Don’t forget the lighting especially in the evening or the outdoors, old fashioned Christmas lights look romantic in or outdoors.



Hors d’oeuvres are always a good thing to have, especially during the beginning of the party with a cocktail or glass of vintage wine. Prepare a buffet with cheeses and an abundance of colorful fruits paired with a selection of smoked salmon and capers; if the budget allows, caviar. Set up a sweet table with petit fours mini truffles and chocolate-dipped strawberries, cupcakes covered with icing and topped with sprinkles or cherries. You could have an old-fashioned lemonade stand.

Parting gifts

Have your wedding guests leave your party with a special keepsake in your memory. Some honeybee wax candles tied together with a piece of velvet ribbon or a small pocket day timer, how about small brass tin filled with mints all engraved with the date of your special day?

Wedding Dress

I hope these tips and ideas help you along your way for a fabulous vintage wedding theme. To find the closes wedding shop near you please visit the Calla Blanche and Lamour brides’ store locator. Also, the ultimate guide to choosing your perfect wedding dress will help you find your perfect wedding dress. Happy shopping!


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