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A Whimsical Wedding Theme


A whimsical wedding theme is for the bride who grew up dreaming of one day meeting her prince. The little girl who was surrounded with fairies, stuffed unicorns, and many trips to Disneyland, or maybe for a bride who is a free spirit and forever young at heart. Let’s set off together to find some great tips and ideas for a whimsical wedding to add to the love that will be forever yours. We will find that perfect Calla Blanche gown to match your vision, like Calla Blanche Julia style 120204CP with the matching cape, or Calla Blanche Hermione style 120118 with her beautiful dramatic train for the best whimsical wedding imaginable.

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A soft pallet of pinks, lilacs, and yellow flowers joined with the green foliage to surround the reception room. White linen tabletops covered with crystal glasses and silver cutlery shining like stars. Maybe an outdoor -garden party if weather permitting, a pergola dressed in beautiful colored peonies which can be used for the ceremony. Use reusable dishes, and if you don’t have a lot of dishes try renting, it’s a little more expensive but worth it in the long run. Cover your chairs whether indoors or out with bows made of ivory or white tulle fabric with a splash of color to each to give that whimsical wedding-themed feeling.


Wedding Dresses

Party Favors

There are so many ideas for the whimsical wedding theme as far as giving your guest a take-home piece of memorabilia, such as homemade soaps or I love the idea of giving something that is eco-friendly that contributes to saving the planet like a pouch of sunflower seeds for your garden. Instead of buying something, donate to one of the many organizations that are out there to save the planet and make a scroll of organic paper for each with a note letting your guests know that a donation has been made in their honor.


Did you know that you can purchase colored bread at some bakeries? I once made little finger party sandwiches in pale pinks and baby blue for an event, wouldn’t they look great! How about a build your own pizza stand? You must have an ice-cream cart and a chocolate fountain with all your favorite dipping treats. Have a wine bar set up with all your favorites and a soda fountain for those that prefer non-alcoholic drinks.

TIP: Make some fun games for your guests. The traditional individual table games where one person gets to win the centerpiece for guessing which wedding party member correlates to which baby picture on the board. There are endless game ideas to ensure your guests have a night they won’t forget.

Hope these ideas for a whimsical wedding theme help you. Shopping for your perfect wedding dress can be stressful so to make your shopping experience easier go to the ultimate guide to choosing your perfect wedding dress or find your perfect dress by finding the closest store near me and check out the Calla Blanche and Lamour brides’ stories.


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