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Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette Party Ideas that Your Bride will Love

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If we’re all being honest, the main reason you agreed to be a bridesmaid was for this very moment – planning the bachelorette party! The first thing to do is verify what kind of party the bride wants to have. Bachelorette Party Ideas that Your Bride will Love? You wouldn’t want to surprise her with a naughty-themed party when that’s not her style. Once you have the bride’s input on what she would like to experience for this event, make sure you stick to it. If she says no to the explicitly shaped toys, straws, and decorations, she means no.

Since that *ahem* type of party is one of many, let’s go through a list of other options you can choose from to plan her perfect bachelorette.

For the Bride who Loves to Party

Bachelorette Party Ideas

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If you’re the bridesmaid to a bride that loves to party, she may be interested in leaving her unwedded life behind with a bang. Indulge her in a night of bar/club hopping until she puts her bachelorette survival kit to use. You can also add some excitement to her life by grabbing tickets for an upcoming music festival.

For the bride who Enjoys New Experiences

Perhaps your bride is the type that never says no and is always up for a new adventure? Then you should do your best to send her off to the land of the married with a thrill-seeking experience. Entertain her with a bucket list adventure where you complete some of her wildest dreams. They may include zip-lining, skydiving, or bungee jumping. As an alternative, you can take her ax-throwing where she can let off some wedding planning steam and enjoy a drink while she’s at it.

For the Bride who Wants to Spend Time Reconnecting

If your bride has just been in a whirlwind and needs to take a step back from it all to reconnect with herself, her bridesmaids, or an important cause, select one of these options. (They will help her feel fulfilled and 100 percent like herself again before walking down the aisle.) Take her volunteering for a cause that is near and dear to her heart. You can also spoil her with a wellness weekend retreat where she will have the opportunity to find serenity.

Another option is to plan a staycation where you all book a hotel and just stay in for an epic slumber party or contemplate booking an Airbnb for a luxurious (local or foreign) getaway.


For the Bride who Wants to Enter Their Marriage with a New Skill

Maybe you know a bride that feels as though getting married is the end of an era. If you do, book a class to give her something else to focus on (after all, it’s just marriage). Fitness classes can be an exciting way to invigorate oneself and boost confidence! You just might be introducing her to her new favorite hobby. Take into account whether Zumba, cycling, or pole dancing would be the right fit for her. Signing the group up for a cooking, baking, or cocktail-making class is sure to give the bride a brand new trick.

Even crafting, jewelry making, or flower arranging classes are all options that could double as a beneficial skills to have in planning a wedding. 

For the Bride who Wants to Keep Things Lowkey

If your bride just wants to relax for her bachelorette party or enjoy some innocent fun, these party options are for her. Book an elegant brunch for the bride tribe! This way, you can even invite the bride and groom’s mothers if you’d like. A different way to experience a bachelorette party can be to plan a scavenger hunt that prepares the bride for her next chapter in life. You can also take her for a relaxing spa day (or weekend) to relieve any wedding planning stress she may be having. Host a tea party or take her for high tea, creating the perfect excuse to dress fancy.

Another way to get dressed up just for fun is to plan a photoshoot and book a photographer!She can keep those  memories forever (and post on social media).

For the Bride who Wants to Explore

Assuming your bride is up for one final adventure before getting hitched (and it’s in the budget), you can whisk her away on one of the following trips. Pack your bags and hop in the car for a much-needed road trip! Just her, the squad, and an epic playlist is all she needs. Take the bride glamping (or camping if she’s the type). A little time with the outdoors and a hike may be just what she needs.

You could also try booking a yacht or boat ride. It will make for a beautiful and exciting day on the water if she’s up for it. You can even pack your bags for a legendary Vegas trip, or consider Nashville or Miami (two locations also known for attracting bridal parties). 

For the Bride who Needs a Drink…Or Two

No one’s judging if your bride might just need a break (and a drink)! Consider one of the following various activities and parties to plan. You can book a vineyard tour, go vineyard hopping, or (skip all the walking and) just go wine tasting. If wine is not entirely her preference, you can also book a distillery tour. Maybe the bride would appreciate a simple night out on the town at her favorite bar. We really hope there’s karaoke scheduled! A different kind of option may be going to a comedy show. It can be an exciting experience and an opportunity to grab that much-needed drink.

Lastly, you can consider adding some art to the mix with! Consider a paint and sip party, sketch live models or paint an eye-pleasing piece to add to your home.

For any bachelorette party you plan, make sure you grab your bride tribe swag, the bride-to-be swag, and (with the bride’s permission) incorporate naughty themed surprises throughout the event. For more tips on bridesmaids’ duties, check out The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid.



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