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big vs small wedding

Big Wedding vs. Small: Similarities You’ll Keep and the Differences You Won’t Miss

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Big Wedding vs. Small: Similarities You’ll Keep and the Differences You Won’t Miss. Planning a small wedding is an exciting experience, but it’s understandable if you have hesitations on going small. Large weddings come with their own version of exhilaration. If you’ve opted for a smaller wedding, you may be wondering whether you’re missing out on any ‘big wedding energy’.

We’re here to settle your nerves and reassure you, that’s not the case. There are genuinely outstanding features and experiences that take place during a small wedding. From the venue and wedding dress to the guests you have in attendance; all are sure to add to your smaller – yet still significant – day.

As an official small-wedding-host, some areas of concern no longer need to be on your list of worries. You will soon realize specific details differ tremendously between the two wedding styles and be grateful for avoiding the ‘larger wedding woes’.

The Challenging and Stressful Planning Process

Big Wedding vs. Small

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From making big decisions such as picking the venue and booking essential vendors for the big day, large weddings tend to be more demanding. Smaller weddings are just simpler to plan when it comes down to it. More intimate events mean fewer numbers to consider, guests to keep count of, and opinions to muddle your vision. The wedding is yours to plan, but it shouldn’t have to be stressful. Thankfully, when you avoid a large wedding, you also avoid the stressful planning process.

Feeling Like the Whole Event is a Blur

One thing you’ll hear from many brides after their wedding day is that the whole thing was a blur. Greeting an endless number of guests and ensuring every last detail goes as planned can easily overwhelm the bride and groom. On the other hand, a smaller wedding can be a lot more relaxing of an atmosphere because there’s less to keep track of.

Spending Lots of Money

One of the reasons couples choose to celebrate on a smaller scale could be to save money. It is also likely the most prominent reason couples decide to go small. With a larger wedding, the numbers are higher, and the spaces become greater, contributing to higher prices and bigger budgets in the end.


On the flip side, there are some areas that you luckily won’t have to say goodbye to when you leave behind the larger celebrations entirely.

Enjoyment and Happiness

Big weddings are filled with fun, love, excitement, and so much more. Luckily, small weddings are infused with all of these experiences and emotions as well! So there is no need to feel concerned about missing out. What’s best is that you can be present and enjoy your celebration in all that it has to offer.


Big Wedding vs. Small

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Make Memories

What’s great about any wedding is the ability to create lasting memories. You and your partner will have the opportunity to look back at this incredible day and remember how special of a moment it was. Without having to put on a mask and act like someone you’re not, you can feel comfortable being yourself and knowing you’re surrounded by the best of the best in your life.

Receiving Gifts

Weddings are a very giving time, and we understand some of you are excited to start your new lives together, and with some new gear at that! If offerings are on your list of concerns, rest assured you’re not going to get skimped. It’s typical for guests to offer gifts to the married couple, even those hosting a scaled-down function. In fact, since only those that matter most are in attendance, your presents will likely be more meaningful (rather than the 20 re-gifted spa baskets from distant relatives and friends of friends).


Sure, big weddings have their benefits. However, for you queens and kings out there planning a smaller bash, trust that you’re doing what’s right for you, and it will be beautiful! We hope you enjoyed our Big Wedding vs. Small: Similarities You’ll Keep and the Differences You Won’t Miss blog. If you’re looking for guidance in planning your union, check out The Ultimate Guide to Small Weddings.


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