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Wedding Dress

On our wedding terms or wedding words guide we talked about the Black tie. Here is more information about that wedding term.
Black-tie is a formal wear dress code in Britain and America. A black-tie event can be a wedding, a charity ball, or an award style party. When you receive an invitation that says black-tie only, then you must wear the black-tie ensemble, otherwise, you will not be accepted into the event. Black tie is referring to both male and female dress codes.

For the male, black-tie starts with a single or double-breasted suit in black or dark navy with a satin type lapel and matching trousers with a satin seam running down the outside leg, a white formal shirt with a turned-down collar paired with a classic pair of cufflinks, a long black tie or bow tie, black cumber band and black shoes with black socks. Remember it’s important to have the correct fit, if it’s not the correct fit it doesn’t look good. I’m sure there are always updated versions of this ensemble that you can discuss with a men’s high-end established store that caters to evening wear and they can fit you to make the look of the suit even more classy. A wedding that has a black-tie code can look very sophisticated especially when the bride’s wedding dress is also formal. Imagine the bride in her Calla Blanche style

120102 Cordelia.

Wedding Dress

Black-tie dress code for women is preferable to wear a long, sophisticated dress although I’m sure it would be acceptable to wear a classic cocktail style also. Remember that these affairs are usually nighttime events. Black always seems to be the preferred color amongst women and most women do have that little black dress that comes out on these occasions. Accessorizing is also

important; this is the time when you get to wear your pearl necklace or some sparkling diamonds. A small clutch purse is a must and although usually small it can be embellished with shiny beadwork or crystals. Try not to overdo it in the make-up department because on these occasions less is more. Also, remember to try to wear a fashionable but comfortable shoe as you are for sure going to be on your feet most of the time mingling or dancing.

When most of us hear of black-tie, we think of the Academy Awards also known as the Oscars. This is when the black-tie breaks some of the rules with a different twist on the look of the suit. We see different styles in the suit fabrics and different colors like burgundy, brown, lots of white with more shine, and velvet. We also see different colored shirts and bow ties. Most of these looks are custom made, but if you decide on a renting because you may only be wearing the suit the one time, then you should think hard before making this decision. There is always a black-tie affair in your future, so to purchase your very own custom-made suit, would not only look amazing, it would feel amazing. Remember the saying “look sharp, feel sharp”.

Hope you found this article interesting, for more interesting articles check out our A-Z terms guide.

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