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Boho Bride: Easy Tips To Find Your Bohemian Glow

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Finding your wedding style is not an easy task. Whether or not you’ve been dreaming about your perfect wedding day long before you met your loved one, you may have spent some time figuring out what your bridal inspiration is. Let’s face it, we are all unique and different when it comes to our wedding dress style.

Boho Bride: Easy Tips To Find Your Bohemian Glow. The best place to start your exciting journey is to figure out how you want to look and feel on your wedding day. Are you a classic bride? A boho bride? Maybe something in between?


Wedding planning can be pretty overwhelming at first, so we recommend taking it one step at a time. Here’s a quick and easy guide to help you figure out if you’re a boho bride!

You’re Drawn to Ethereal Bridal Gowns

If you’re loving sophisticated and effortless wedding gowns that have unique and thoughtfully designed details, a boho wedding dress is the one for you. Boho bride style is all about flowing, lightweight, and overall airy dress. You need the freedom to express yourself and your personality. Your ideal wedding dress is whimsical, divine, and relaxed.

Boho Bride: Easy Tips To Find Your Bohemian Glow

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Shoes or Shoeless

Do you love comfy shoes and blister-free feet? Then a bohemian theme is a great fit. The main idea is that boho weddings are relaxed, comfortable, and magical. Whether you’re considering wedding sandals or your favorite sneakers, you can wear any footwear at all until you feel your best. You can even go barefoot and opt-in for ankle charms, lace or embroidery details, and toe rings to be a true bohemian goddess. It’s your wedding after all; make it exciting for yourself!


If your ideal wedding hair is loose updos, messy braids, flower crowns, or beach-blown waves. Then there can’t be a better match for you than the bohemian wedding style. Boho wedding hairstyles may look simple, but they add a touch of magic, charm, and uniqueness to your wedding day. 

Nature Is The Best Wedding Venue

If you envision sandy beaches, flower fields, gold deserts, verdant forests, or a rustic barn as your wedding venue, then a boho-style wedding might be the choice for you. When we’re thinking of boho, we imagine earthy, natural surroundings and wonders. You’d love to get married under a starry night, ethereal lights, or maybe in a green forest full of wildflowers. Indoor venues can have the same feeling if you focus on lots of wooden elements, soft and celestial lighting, greenery, flowers, painted bottle vases, and other unique pieces from nature.


The bohemian wedding works perfectly for a countryside, forest, beach ceremony, or even your grandpa’s backyard.


What says boho vibes more than flowers? Bohemian is all things natural, wild, and free-spirited. You’re loving a mix of fun and unpredictability with your bouquets. Think cream and sage paired, warm tones and touches of greenery, or bold blooms and pops of unique details. Above all, you have fun experimenting and pairing traditional or exotic flowers, textured leaves, ferns, or even trailing vines.


Looking for a cake with natural elements, flower designs, and edible blooms? A boho cake is an ideal fit for you! You can play with so many beautiful and unique details when it comes to a boho cake. Want to add flowers? You can! What about feathers or geodes? We say GO FOR IT! If you’re looking to ditch your typical and simple wedding cake and choose a catchy, colorful, and bright cake instead, you’re a true boho bride.


Do you love mixing colors, patterns, and textures? You’re a DIY Boho Queen!  Everything from your dress and ceremony to your reception and food is easygoing and effortless. Depending on your style, you can make details that are more romantic, vintage, or natural. You love to make your own decorations such as dream catchers, fairy lights, greenery installations, or floral centerpieces. You look for the best vintage deals and garage sales to find inspiration on how to turn your old rags into your wedding decor.


If you said yes to more than half of this list, then you’re a wild, artsy, and free-spirited boho bride. You’re all about a romantic and magical atmosphere with plenty of inspiration from green forests and ethereal flowers. Your look is sexy yet subtle, with a flowy silhouette and whimsical details. Good vibes, love, and Taylor Swift’s music are in the air! However, what is more important is that you’re excited and happy on your wedding day!


Looking for a boho wedding dress? Be sure to find a bridal store near you to see and try on these fairy wedding dresses in person!

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