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boho wedding favors

Boho Wedding: Best Party Favors For Your Guests

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We are certain that at this moment of planning you have already found your dream boho wedding dress and venue. Now, it’s time to have some fun planning your bohemian wedding favors! From potted plants and handmade candles to sweet treats and personalized tea blends, you have so many options to make your boho wedding memorable for your friends and family. 

A Few Things to Consider

When you’re trying to decide what kind of wedding favors you should give to your guests, you need to consider a few things. 


First of all, boho wedding favors should be a reflection of you and your future husband. It’s a great way to give your guests a reminder of your big wedding day, ceremony, reception, and dance party (of course) with a personal touch from the newlyweds.


Secondly, figure out your budget. It is going to help narrow your search through Pinterest mood boards and Instagram feeds. You will also be able to save your money for something more valuable at your wedding (think photography, music, entertainment). Opt for DIY wedding favors, like dreamcatchers, coasters, jams, and honey instead.


Finally, try to plan your wedding favors with this thought in mind – Would you keep it after the wedding, or would it end in the trash as soon as you get home? After all, you would want the memories to stay with your guests as long as possible.


Here are some boho wedding favor ideas that will be sure to excite your guests!

Liquor and Cocktail Kits

boho wedding favors La Perle by Calla Blanche Stevie LP2009

Mini bottles of your favorite  liquor, such as whiskey, wine, tequila, or even a cocktail kit can make great boho wedding favors! You can dress up these little bottles in colorful patterned pouches and add a customizable gift tag. They are super easy to personalize with custom labels citing your wedding date and names. Apply them directly to the liquor bottles or the individually boxed items.


For the cocktail kits, you can put together a drink you enjoy as a boho couple! Or take a safe route with such classics as Moscow mule, Old Fashioned, Cosmo, or even Spritz. Allow your guests to keep the party going even after the wedding!

Coffee, Tea, and Hot Chocolate

You can never go wrong with coffee or tea wedding favors! Whether it’s loose leaf tea, luxury tea bags, or flavourful coffee beans, everyone loves a good cup of hot and refreshing coffee or tea in the morning or throughout the day. 


Choose a few scoops of your favorite coffee beans or blends, pack them in the custom bag and add a thank you note. 


Wedding tea favors are easily customizable and personalized to the wedding theme as well! They can be packed in reusable containers, small bottles, tubes, or even see-through tins. To make them even more personal, add tags, labels, boxes, or bags with all the wedding details.


Having a winter boho wedding? Then hot chocolate favors are a MUST! Set the festive tone with the cutest hot chocolate kits by adding marshmallows, sprinkles, colorful sugar balls, and pieces of chocolate.

Plants and Flowers

Potted plants are a cheap and easy option for wedding favors. It is also a perfect choice for a boho couple who loves nature, greenery, and flowers. Think succulents, cacti, or even aloe. You can include names and table numbers and place them at your reception tables. This way, favors can also double as place cards and adorable wedding decor. Let your guests know that they are welcome to take plants home as a small wedding gift from the newlyweds.


You can also surprise your guests with packets of seeds of your choice that will grow into beautiful flowers, plants, or even trees. Choose a wildflower mix or a variety of green herbs and present it in cute packaging with a thoughtful note. And if you want to have even more fun, add unique mini pots of various shapes and colors to your seed packets!

DIY Dream Catchers, Keychains, and Coasters

Want to challenge your inner DIY boho queen? You can’t go wrong with a favor that doubles as a handmade gift. Though somewhat time-consuming, handmade gifts are a great way to give something memorable and exciting to your wedding guests. Think dreamcatchers, coasters, keychains, and even fans for summer bohemian weddings. Not only are these gifts stylish and fun, but they also will be a great accessory to use in your wedding.

Mason Jars

Mason jars can be filled with anything, literally anything! From homemade jams and honey to gingerbread cookie mix and mud cake kits. It’s a great alternative to the more traditional wedding favors. Decorate the jars with different ribbons and fabrics, and add a personalized note thanking each guest for being a part of your special day. Your guest will enjoy taking home these mason jars wedding favors to have a small reminder of your wedding day!


Who doesn’t love a good candle? They can be easily personalized, smell divine, and are of a perfect size for just grab and go. You can also customize the packaging to complement your boho wedding! The candles will also set the scene for your wedding ceremony or reception and will remind your guests about your wedding later on. Don’t be afraid to purchase candles of different shapes, sizes, and colors to ensure the free-spirited vibe of the boho bride!

Treats For the Furry Friends

The last idea on our list is for the guests that had their furry friend as a plus one at your wedding! Pack a bag full of delicious pet treats and add a custom print of your wedding details on it. Because weddings are not only for humans, pets like to have fun too! You can also pay homage to your pet friend with sweet treats such as cookies or candies shaped like your favorite pet.


Planning a boho wedding is an exciting, fun, and memorable experience! For more tips and tricks, check out The Ultimate Boho Wedding Guide!

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