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boho bouquet

Boho Wedding: Bouquet Ideas for Whimsical Brides

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There’s nothing quite as exciting as planning your wedding bouquet…well, maybe finding your wedding dress! Have you already thought about what kind of wedding bouquet you’ll be holding when you walk down the aisle? In fact, wedding bouquets are a great way to complement the theme of your wedding. Boho wedding bouquets are full of beautiful details, wildflowers, unruly greenery, pampas grass, feathers, and even succulents.

From different textures and shapes to various arrangements ranging from whimsical, classic, minimalistic, or wild, a boho wedding allows for more freedom! That’s why you can add absolutely anything you want to your wedding bouquet!

Boho bouquets are especially perfect for a free-spirited, carefree, and natural bride.

Tulips, hydrangeas, ranunculus, roses, sweet pea, peonies, and dahlias are just a few of the many flowers readily available for boho brides. Whether you’re a lover of rich jewel tones, soft pastels, or exotic boho wedding bouquets, this list of boho bouquets is sure to inspire!

boho bouquet

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Wild Boho Bouquets

A boho bride is laid back and free-spirited. So what better option for a natural bride than a bunch of wildflowers?! Therefore, baby’s breath, branches of gum leaves, colorful wildflowers, and lots of greenery all together make the bouquets enchanting! Lacking the structure of a classic wedding bouquet, but making up for it in textures and colors, it is hard to go wrong with this style of wedding bouquet.

No matter the season, wildflowers would be a unique choice for a boho bride. For instance, consider sunflowers, anemones, ranunculus, daisies, or dahlias paired with lots of greenery for a wildflower boho wedding bouquet. Either fresh or dry, wildflowers will definitely make a statement on your wedding day!

Earthy Boho Bouquets

Looking for nature-inspired wedding bouquets? Try an earthy boho approach! Think sage, terracotta, caramel, beige, mustard, and maybe a pop of pastels. What a better way to complement the bohemian atmosphere at your wedding than with a deep earthy palette! The most beautiful earthy boho bouquets look loose and slightly messy. Moreover, you can always use a combination of fresh and dried flowers, berries, herbs, fern, and twigs. Brown and muddy-toned flowers and greenery are essential for an earthy boho bouquet!

Something Blue

boho bouquet

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Want to have something blue at your wedding? Try a blue wedding bouquet! Although there aren’t lots of naturally blue flowers, the ones that do exist are simply gorgeous. Iris, hydrangea, delphinium, periwinkle, hyacinth, forget me nots, orchids, tweedia, sweet pea, and muscari will instantly draw your guests’ eyes to your flowers! Most importantly, these bouquets work perfectly with a boho wedding theme (and to be honest, with any wedding theme!)

Don’t want to go full blue? Opt for a sprig or two of a blue flower and surround it in lush and soft florals and greenery. A few pops of blue is just enough to be both delicate and romantic and to serve its purpose.

Succulent Boho Bouquet

Let’s be honest, when it comes to wedding bouquets, succulents are not your first thought and probably not the final. Dreamlike and whimsical, succulents bring an unexpected element to your wedding bouquet, whether they are the main focus or a beautiful addition to it. They are perfect for brides who want something extra on their wedding day. Vibrant colors, bold shapes, and forms make them a gorgeous and unique boho bouquet. From dark and pale green to pastel purple and blue, there is a succulent for every bohemian bride.

Tip: You can plant them in your garden or a pot after and they’ll be a permanent reminder of your wedding day.

Try Dried Flowers

Dried wedding boho bouquets look great in every season – and you can cherish them long after your wedding day has come and gone. If you’re worried that you won’t have many options to choose from with dried flowers, don’t be!

boho bouquet

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Surely, there’s a lot more to dried wedding flowers than pampas grass and roses (although, we adore those too!) From dried baby’s breath, lavender, and wildflowers to sunflowers, sinuata statice, and hydrangeas, there are plenty of options that will look as romantic and whimsical as fresh flowers. Whether you choose an entirely dried or even add dried elements to your fresh bohemian wedding bouquet, dried blooms and greenery bring a unique touch to any wedding boho bouquet or floral arrangement.

Bright and Bold Boho Bouquets

Boho brides are bold and colorful! That’s why they can opt for a wedding bouquet that is filled with vibrant tones, unique shapes, and textures. From rich purples, oranges and yellows to bright pinks, reds and greens, a bright and bold bouquet will definitely make a statement!

Think roses ranunculus, sweet peas, oncidiums, eucalyptus, chamomile, and lavender.

The best part?! These wedding bouquets work for pretty much any time of the year. Reds, oranges, and yellows are perfect for fall and summer weddings, while pinks, blues, lilacs, and purples work beautifully for spring and winter. Combined with lush greenery such as sage, pittosporum, monstera leaves, rosemary, or dusty miller, these bright and bold boho wedding bouquets will stand out without taking the shine away from you!


The rest of your wedding ideas and tips might just come from The Ultimate Boho Wedding Guide! Check it out!


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