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Delicious Wedding Cake Alternatives

Delicious Wedding Cake Alternatives You’re Sure to Love

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Looking for Delicious Wedding Cake Alternatives You’re Sure to Love? Just like a white wedding dress has become a tradition, a wedding cake is also an integral part of a wedding celebration. After all, what is a wedding without a cake? However, more and more couples choose a different route when it comes to their wedding dessert, flowers and older wedding traditions. The great thing is that ANYTHING can be a dessert at a boho wedding; fantastic news for any free-spirited bride!

Below, check out our favorite non-traditional boho Delicious Wedding Cake Alternatives that you’re sure to love!


Share your passion for the most delicious part of breakfast with your wedding guests and opt for pancakes as your bohemian wedding cake alternative. Fluffy, airy, and absolutely delicious pancakes drizzled with maple syrup, chocolate, caramel, or even condensed milk will be a star of your wedding (right after you and your boo, of course!). Besides, they are easy to decorate with fruits, flowers, chocolates, and gummy candies.

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Brownies are one of the most affordable, delicious, and most loved desserts. Who doesn’t like chocolate after all?! Dense, fudgy, and gooey brownie will definitely solve that chocolate craving! Decorate brownies with berries, and if you have them individually packed go for florals, greenery, and ribbons for that whimsical boho wedding look. Whether you go with stacked layers of brownies or individual servings, brownies surely will be a great addition to your relaxed and laid-back boho wedding and will save you a lot of money.

Also, to add some more finesse to your brownies, serve them with vanilla ice cream and melted chocolate drizzle.

Waffle Station

If you’re a breakfast for every meal kind of a boho couple, a waffle station is a fun and unique alternative to the classic wedding cake. Serve them with fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, bananas, and various delicious toppings like chocolates, nuts, caramels, and even edible blooms. Moreover, don’t forget to add maple syrup, Nutella, butter, chocolate or caramel sauce, and powdered sugar.

And for that extra touch – serve your waffles with a fresh vanilla or lemon whipped cream!


While still technically a cake, but smaller and much more adorable, cupcakes allow for a variety of flavors. Can’t choose between vanilla, chocolate, berry, lemon, or red velvet flavors? Choose them all when you opt for cupcakes so there’s something for everybody! Plus, cupcakes can be decorated in any way to match the tone and color scheme of your wedding. Adorn them with colorful buttercream, fresh blooms, berries, fruits, and sprinkles for an added pop of color at your wedding reception. You just can’t go wrong with cupcakes!


Since you’re not a cake person, try cake’s cousin – PIE!

For summer boho weddings go for blueberry, blackberry, cherry, or any fruit pies. For fall weddings experiment with pumpkins, pecans, sweet potatoes, maple, and apples. A spring boho bride will enjoy creamy lemon, lime, honey-lavender, grape, or banana pies. To add warmth and comfort to your winter boho wedding, opt for cranberry, pear, hazelnut, and orange chocolate pies.

Tip: You can even make mini pies and display them on the dessert table!


What is more laid-back and free-spirited than a tower of fresh and sweet donuts?! Donuts make an amazing wedding cake alternative because they are very inexpensive, vivid, and absolutely delicious. They can be stacked up in a variety of ways and decorated easily with rainbow sprinkles, blooms, chocolate, and caramel drizzles. You can experiment with flavors like maple bacon, key lime coconut, pineapple upside-down donuts or opt for classics and stick with Boston cream, chocolate, apple fritters, or jelly donuts.

Plus, donuts can also be an unforgettable photo backdrop for your wedding guests!

S’mores Station

Having a boho winter wedding? Then set up a S’mores station for your guests! Fun, delicious, and unforgettable! There’s really nothing better than hot, toasted marshmallows and melty chocolate stuffed between graham crackers. Even if you’re not having a winter wedding, S’mores are great for weddings in all seasons! Fill the dessert table with all the basic ingredients such as crackers, marshmallows, chocolates, and make sure you have wooden skewers and tongs. Your guests will enjoy this dessert for its uniqueness! Don’t forget to add napkins or paper towels to avoid any mess!

Ice Cream

You can never go wrong with ice cream! Fantastic flavors, bright colors, variety of toppings, sauces, ice cream cones… your wedding guests will love this alternative! Plus, it’s a great dessert for a spring or summer boho wedding. For a fun childhood element, you can even hire an ice cream truck! Ice cream will definitely delight both the adults and the kids at your boho wedding, and your guests will love being able to pick their favorite ice cream combinations! You can serve ice cream sandwiches, cones and even whip up some delicious milkshakes.


Now that you have your Delicious Wedding Cake Alternatives ideas, it’s time to get going, brides-to-be! For more information on making your boho wedding special and unique for you and your partner, read The Ultimate Boho Wedding Guide!

Header Image Credit: @chelseaarensphoto

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