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How To Find Your Perfect Venue

Boho Wedding: How to Find Your Perfect Venue

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If you are a boho bride through and through, there’s one thing that will make or break your bohemian-themed wedding: a venue. After all, your party space has the ability to set your wedding’s tone and establish your wedding dress, guest list size, wedding theme, color scheme, catering, and entertainment. Boho Wedding: How to Find Your Perfect Venue?


But finding the perfect venue isn’t easy. When it comes to how to choose a perfect boho wedding venue, you have so many options. From beaches and deserts to forests and backyards, there is something unique and special for every boho bride and groom. Here are the best wedding venues for a bohemian wedding couple.


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If you and your fiancé love a good bottle of sauvignon blanc or merlot, a winery would make your wedding day unforgettable. With beautiful garden backdrops, grape vines, rolling fields, natural colors, and light, winery weddings have a certain romantic appeal. Wineries provide a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere which is what every boho bride wants. Consider earthy and natural tones such as sage, lavender, blush, and soft pink in your wedding to complement the winery. The stunning scenery and gorgeous views make for a magical wedding.

Camping or Glamping

If you love the outdoors, the smell of campfire, and the sounds of nature, then glamping is definitely worth checking out! Glamping is the best of both worlds – camping and all things glamorous.  A wedding ceremony with nature as a background followed by the reception and first dance under the moonlight and stars. Is this what are dreams made of?? This venue will allow for more than one day of celebration with your loved ones, it’s a whole wedding experience. Your guests can stay in tents, tree houses, and domes. It’s ideal for boho couples who love nature and are looking to have a more private and intimate wedding.


Let’s get it straight – we know a desert doesn’t sound like the most welcoming and romantic place to tie the knot, but there is something unique and special about hot golden sand, mountain backdrops, and desert flora. It’s a perfect venue for those bohemian couples who want to marry in the summer or even in the off-season wedding months (typically from December to March) with a little chance of rain. Think sunset-colored canyons, postcard-worthy panoramas, and saying vows in the middle of nowhere. It’s an absolutely magical place to get married.

Greenhouses and Conservatories

Thinking about tropical paradise but don’t want a destination wedding? The greenhouse venue is the ideal location to make your dreams come true. It is great at any time of the year as they are always warm inside. You will also be surrounded by stunning plants, lush greenery, unique flowers, and bushes from around the world. Worried about your guest list? No need. Depending on the greenhouse size you can have anywhere from 40 to 200 guests. You’ll also get the added bonus of seeing free-flying butterflies, birds, waterfalls, and small ponds.


Woodland and Forests

What’s not to love about boho forest weddings? They are whimsical, ethereal, and very intimate. Boho brides who love to embrace and celebrate natural beauty and earthy tones – this is a wedding venue for you! Imagine rich nature, free-moving wildflowers, mossy wedding aisle, towering trees, and the smell of the lush greenery and flowers. Incorporate glowing lantern lights and candles for a sense of intimacy and romance. Forest wedding venues are like something out of a fairy tale!

Treetops or Treehouse

If you’ve ever dreamed about a treehouse as a kid, as a boho bride, you can make it happen for your wedding. A treehouse is a spectacular wedding venue with a nod to your childhood dreams. This venue is great for nature lovers looking for something different than traditional forest, garden, or backyard space. A treehouse is also best suited for smaller, intimate weddings, so you should consider only inviting your closest family and friends.  By wrapping greens, vines, and fairy lights up and down the stairs, you will add that romantic and whimsical feel to your wedding day.


Looking for a budget-friendly, more casual, and intimate venue? Consider backyard weddings! It is a great option for a boho bride that wants something relaxed and whimsical at the same time. Go for mix-and-match aisle seating by using your dining chair set. A backyard wedding also gives you the perfect excuse to include your pets on your wedding day. There is nothing like saying “I do” in the backyard where you grew up. You, your fiance, and your guests will feel comfortable and relaxed in a space that feels like home. To bring even more romance and a certain mood to your wedding, add twinkle lights, string lights, lanterns, and candles.


A Boho wedding is relaxed and free-spirited. It shouldn’t be a surprise that a beach wedding is the ultimate outdoor wedding venue for a boho bride. There is something so special about a beach wedding, from the divine and natural backdrop to the relaxed atmosphere for the ceremony and reception. Think panoramic ocean view, beautiful sunlight, toes in the sand, the sound of waves, and salty breeze. A bohemian beach wedding creates sensational memories for your couple, family, and friends, with spectacular ocean views and seaside sunsets.

Barns and Ranches

If you’re a boho bride that wants to have both a bohemian and rustic wedding, then you should consider barns or ranches as your wedding venue. Wood accents, earthy tones, naturally beautiful landscape, and cozy atmosphere  – there’s just something mesmerizing about barn venues. Any boho couple will love the romantic yet laid-back setting of this venue. Not to mention, these venues are perfect any time of the year – from lush greenery and bright blooms in spring to snow-covered landscapes in the winter. You’re sure to fall head-over-heels in love with the charming and free-spirited atmosphere of these venues.


Now that you have your venue ideas, it’s time to get going, brides-to-be! We wish you the best of luck! Don’t forget to visit our guide, The Ultimate Boho Wedding Guide, for more pieces like this!

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