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Bridal Shower Tea Party Ideas

Bridal Shower Tea Party Ideas

Looking for Bridal Shower Tea Party Ideas? If you are planning to host a bridal shower,  you might be having a feeling of mixed excitement and overwhelm as you set out to design a perfect event. You might be having several questions on your mind around if you will be able to contribute to the choosing of the wedding dress, fun and fresh ideas for the theme, bridal shower etiquette, and planning advice on the overall, but picking a venue for the bridal shower.

While it is common to host the bridal shower at the host’s house, there are several reasons why you might want to have it somewhere else. If you have found planning on the bridal shower venue, the following are considerations that you need to use to narrow down your search and come up with the best decision. These are the best Bridal Shower Tea Party Ideas!

  • Consult the bride

Before you start looking for a venue, it might be a good idea that you ask the bride to be where she would want the even to be held. She might wish to an indoor or an outdoor setting, the location she prefers, a particular style of venue that she loves, or logistical information, which you might not have considered. While there are brides who let the hosts to handle the planning as well as the decision making, but she will appreciate it when you consult her.

  • Work with your network

When you think about options for bridal venues, you should not overlook the connections that might be important within the system you have. Is there anyone within the couple’s family or bridal party who have links to café, local restaurant, farm, shop, or whatever space that can host the bridal shower. Find out if there is a network that a bridal shower venue that they rented that was just lovely. Utilize your system to get some referrals and you might just come up with the best venue idea.

Bridal Shower Tea Party Ideas

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  • Talk about numbers

Ensure that you start having the end in mind by setting up a budget before you begin your venue shopping. When you know your budget up front, it will serve you with valuable time as well as effort by being able to narrow your search for venues as well as specific criteria. Along such lines, you should always ask about the associated fees go into renting a venue.

Some restaurants will not charge you for using their space but require that you spend an absolute minimum. Some sites might require you to use their in-house catering while others allow drinks and food to be bought in. You always have to read the fine prints before you settle on a contract and avoid any unexpected fees.

  • Think in terms of logistics

Just like guest count, logistics is a critical consideration; accessibility and parking are some of the essential things that you will need to consider before you make your final venue selection for your bridal shower party.

  • Visit in person

While checking out online, you might be delighted by the pictures you see about a specific venue. But there is a need for you to take a day or two to go for a site visit for an opportunity to see your potential venues for bridal showers up close and in person. Apart from getting an immediate sense of the atmosphere and vibe, but you will also need to meet with the staff at the venue whom you will be working in case you settle for the venue.

  • Identify your style

Bridal shower venues indeed have a significant role in determining the theme of the event or overall style. Are you hosting a formal event like a high tea bridal shower? Then look into courtyard spaces or private gardens to fit your particular aesthetic.

If it is a rustic-chic, laid back event is ideal for your style, check into lofts, barns, or farmhouse venues within your area. Whatever style you settle for, you shouldn’t be afraid to look to spaces that are non-traditional and also think outside the box.

Tea party bridal showers are the most common, and if you want to embrace it, then you should know how to conduct it. For example, dress code, location, decorations, and many more.

  • Venue

You can host a tea bridal shower party anywhere, but particular venues will work well with your theme. Having a formal tea house might be the first venue to consider. Check for the various tea houses in your area. You can also check out hotels and restaurants to find out if they do offer to sit down tea services.

Historical museums and mansions are other venues to consider. Large venues will often have a café or tea room on the property. However, you might need to reserve it for a private bridal shower tea party. When you host a bridal shower at a tea house, you will get the benefit of having expert tea recommendations. Moreover, you will have the built-in the charm of the venue, and the table service.

It is also easy to host a bridal shower tea party in your own home. Or you can ask you friend or relative if they can host it at their place. If the weather allows, a garden or backyard settings might even be lovelier. As the hostess, ensure to have enough space in your home to accommodate everyone. Don’t forget about tables, parking arrangements, and seating. Especially for the guests who are a bit elderly. Put a display for the food, and space where everyone gathers as the bride is opening her bridal shower gifts.

  • Color palette

Limit your color palette to two or three hues that complement each other—no need to go full rainbow style. You can decide to look for a vintage piece for inspiration when it comes to color palette. For example, patterned tablecloths, floral china, and embroidered handkerchiefs will fit the theme of a tea party. You can even utilize them on your décor!

  • Invitations

Your bridal shower invitations for the tea party, you don’t have to be over the top. Letter-pressed classic white invitations or text that is embossed as they might be a tasteful option.

We hope you enjoyed our Bridal Shower Tea Party Ideas! For other options for bridal showers apart from the tea party one, get them at The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


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