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Bridal Survival Guide: DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas For All Types Of Wedding Styles

Did you know that you can DIY everything for your wedding, including your wedding dress? It is good to know that you can organize a wedding even when you are on a tight budget. Nowadays, there seems to be a notion that not hiring a day-of coordinator or a wedding planner is suicidal, but it could not be far from the truth, especially when you get to understand that there are a lot of DIY decorations out there.

If you are a budget-friendly or a décor savvy couple who want to ensure that everything is tackled independently, then you have to prepare to be a temporary wedding planner for your wedding ceremony. To make your life easier,  the following are some of the DIY wedding decorations which you can utilize to pursue for your wedding day.

To create a balanced space, you can start by giving your DIY project priority according to the visual you want to create. It is going to ensure that the dispersal of décor is very proportional and ensures that you won’t be wasting your time on things that won’t work for your wedding.

You will need to prioritize and visualize before you start executing. And you have to ensure that you involve the help of some trusted family members or friends, who can be in a position to lay everything out on your wedding day while you are getting ready.

  • Compile the wedding seating chart: Instead of having to have an individual escort for every guest, organize for one sign that is easy to read, denoting each table setting. Print it out and prop it out and you will be good to go.
  • Use bistro lights to illuminate it: As far as wedding decorations DIY is concerned, bistro lights are a good option. Hang some several of them on the wedding venue perimeter to personalize and brighten the space in the shortest time possible. The cable should be infused with leaves and garlands for extra flair.
  • Drape garlands of greenery: When it comes to filling out a large area, garlands are the ultimate option, and adding a dash full of greenery to any space might do the trick. Ensure to snake them down on the bouquet tables as runners decorate the bar area, drape them on the chairs of the newlyweds, outline the tents’ beams or utilize them to rope off the ceremony seating that is reserved.
  • Cluster floral centerpieces: Vases that are clustered are a simple way to create a complete centerpiece without having to hike your budget. Mix glass bottles, bud vases, and other ends and odds from around the house in various hues and shapes for an electrifying look. Be able to transform the low-cost bouquet mix directly from the grocery store into an awesome floral assemble by ensuring that you deconstruct them into a single stem filling small vessels.
  • Own menu printing: You will have to tackle all your DIY wedding paper requirements with a customized digital set that you can print on your own. Have it pink bordered to match with wedding program, table number, information card, place card, and much more.

  • Come up with a ceremony backdrop: While nature is considered to be the best, and budget-friendly as it is already included in the venue fee when it comes to ceremony backdrops, your altar needs something extra. Try to picture out your ideal snapshot or the vow exchange and then construct a frame using flowers, greenery, branches, saplings, candles, or lanterns.
  • DIY favors: When it comes to wedding favors, it is one of the right places for DIY. You can come up with edible favors and impart mostly on local flair. You can bake cookies for your guests, fill glasses with vials of locally sourced olive oil, or use gift jars of jam and honey.
  • Come up with a visual guest book: To have a fun twist on your traditional guestbook, you can decide to have your guest snap their polaroids on the wedding day and then add the photos in a keepsake book. You can request them to add a personal message or write a message to advise you regarding marriage on their snapshot.
  • Dispersed pressed glass frames: From signs to table numbers to photos of you and your future spouse, there is no shortage when it comes to wedding essentials of frames made from paper. Once the frames are covered, you can go ahead and design your creative fillers.
  • Write out wedding signs: You can change the signage of your wedding into an estate décor through using artistic canvases. With a traditional mirror, it adds a certain opulence on to a setting that is opulence. Write your message using a marker or have a custom made decal. For a more natural and rustic aesthetic, try sticking the decal to plywood or use a stencil in painting your wording.
  • Turn napkins into cutlery holders: There is no need for burdening using your money on additional props when you have everything that you need. You can use the line napkins for kitchen knives of the pragmatism place setting. With a pocket fold napkin, you can get space to ensure that your menu card has a place to be tacked or the cutlery right into the breast.
  • Arrange your bouquets: Arrangement of bouquets should come deep from your heart and speak out from your heart and speak about who you are as an individual, so they should be easy to come up with on your own.

You can utilize local greenery, foraged flowers, picks straight from the garden, or fill it up with loose stems from a farmer market or a local florist to make your personalized mix.

To come up with a neat finishing, wrap the base using a ribbon or leave some long trails of fabrics to give it a little flow. You are free to get sentimental using a shirt cuff or a fabric strip from the wedding dress of your grandmother. Secure it using pins, a meaningful memento, or an heirloom brooch.

For more about other DIY, check out the ultimate bride’s survival guide.


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