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Bride Story Featuring Jill Blumenfeld


A love story featuring OUR Brides in OUR Dresses

Jill and her husband, Jason, met in Buffalo, New York. He is originally from Philadelphia and Jill hails from Pittsburgh. At the time of them meeting she was a news reporter working on a story, and the story she was covering was at Jason’s work place. Oh how fate brings people together!!! The two grew close behind the cameras and now they both reside outside Philadelphia together and are happily married!

Jill explains that her proposal was nothing glamorous but regardless was special to her. She had just gotten out of the shower and threw on one of the oldest sweatshirts she had on from her closet. Jason had hidden the ring under one of their cats. Jill said it was perfect!

Their wedding took place on November 4, 2018 in Cape May, New Jersey, in the Congress Hall. It’s the oldest seaside resort in Victorian Cape May and it happens to be Jill’s favorite place in the whole world. She explains that every house is charming and the Congress Hall itself was a beautiful hotel and venue to tie the knot at.


Her favorite part of the wedding was seeing everything come together in the end, all the colors were ravishingly beautiful. The feeling was surreal for her, she was the bride, and all eyes were on her!

Jill got her gown from Bridal Beginning in Pittsburgh and she says the staff was amazing there. She knew it was the gown from the second she had it on. It was the 4th dress she tried on and she just knew it was hers. Her sister pulled it for her! It was super flattering and glamourous and made Jill feel so special. She was supposed to try on a few more dresses at a different salon, however she ended up cancelling her appointments. Her Callablanche gown ‘Delores’ was truly a showstopper, the perfect amount of glamour for our beautiful bride Jill!


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