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Backyard Wedding Ideas

Backyard Wedding Ideas For A Personalized Celebration

Looking for Backyard Wedding Ideas For A Personalized Celebration?

There are several reasons why you would want to wear your wedding dress in a backyard themed wedding. If you wish to get married in your childhood home, your original wedding plans have changed suddenly, or you want your wedding day to be flexible, a backyard wedding might be the better option.

It could be because of the Covid19 pandemic that you have opted to change your wedding venue as it is one of the reasons why backyard themed weddings have become popular in 2020. You have to remember that, even with a backyard wedding, there is a significant number of logistics that go into it, especially if you are having a sizeable amount of guests.

Let these Backyard Wedding Ideas For A Personalized Celebration be an inspiration to your wedding at home.

Backyard Wedding Ideas

Welcome sign

Backyard wedding ideas 1

@jmosleyphotography La Perle By Calla Blanche Dove LP2124

  • It is essential when you are planning to have your wedding ceremony at home. Your guests would want to know whether they are supposed to go directly as they enter into the house. The idea of an arrow pointing to the direction where the wedding will be held, reception, cocktail hour, and other essential locations like dance floors or restrooms are a must.

Bar station

  • Most options for wedding venues tend to have built-in bars, but if the wedding is happening at home, then you will require an alternative option for serving beverages. You can decide to rent a bar stand, decorating it to ensure it matches your wedding theme. If you are having several guests, consider setting up at least two bars with several bartenders to cut down on time for waiting for drinks.

Rugs used as aisle runners

  •  You have the potential to bring the indoors out by utilizing runners in decorating the aisle for your ceremony. It will help in differentiating the space from the other parts of the yard while at the same time, tapping into the colors of your wedding. You can look around for rugs from wedding design companies or local event rentals.

Charcuterie table

  • They are tables that are easy to use in keeping guests happy with a variety of snacks during the cocktail hour. Especially if you don’t have plans to hire full wait staff to serve the hors d’oeuvres! Your vendor for catering can design a beautiful grazing table full of meat, fruits, cheese, seafood. You can also ask for any other bite-sized nosh to tease the guests’ taste buds.

Landscaped Gardens

  •  You don’t have to go all out when landscaping your yard or trying to add colorful plants. However, having a little gardening strategy during your pre-wedding might be worth the struggle at the end of it all.

Prep Before the Wedding

Several months before your big day, start work on your yard to ensure that it is photo-ready. Adding some new mulch, removing dead plants, and bush pruning might help in creating a picture-perfect backdrop for your wedding day.

Self-service drinks

  • Another way in cutting down costs when it comes to beverages is to have self-service dispensers. You can serve drinks such as iced tea, lemonade, and infused water. You can decide to consider them as your signature cocktails for your wedding while serving beer and wine from the bar.


  • If you have pets in your house during your wedding day, it will be great if you include them in your festivities. You can make your dog be the puppy of honor. Or maybe take some getting ready photos with your adorable cat! The options that you have are endless. Moreover, including your pet will help make your day more memorable.

Family styled seating

  • Utilizing long banquet tables tends to be the most popular backyard themed wedding idea. It encourages a laid back vibe and conversation. Such a reception seating layout might be the right choice, especially if your backyard is not full enough. It will be able to accommodate more people when you utilize neat rows of side by side tables.

Cocktail area

  •  Set up a lounge or cocktail area for use as a space for transitory throughout the day. You could ensure that, when guests arrive, or as they wait to direct between the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception, that is the area they relax.
  • If your home has an in-ground pool that surrounds the yard, you can double it as an area for mingling. Add flower arrangements or floating candles in the waters to have a more decorative flair.

Decorative table top rentals

  •  If you don’t have place settings on hand for your guests, you will need to hire flatware glassware as well as dishes for your backyard wedding. You are at liberty to source everything from a local event rental company.
  • They are going to deliver, set it up, and also handle the cleanup for all the dishes on your big day. From class white bone china to mismatched plates to vintage, the tabletop rentals will be able to transform your wedding décor and change the event to make it feel extra special.

Reception tent

  • If your wedding is happening during the summer months, having a marquee tent will provide shade from the sun and space where your guests cool down. It also tends to be a lifesaver in case of inclement weather.
  • It can also come in handy if you are getting married during the fall and temperatures are affecting the guests. Get a tent from a local tent company. Find out the options they have for backyard wedding ceremonies such as clear top tents, cloth tents, and walled tents.

Wooden dance floor

  • If your yard does not comprise of a paved space such as a patio, then coming up with a dance floor will be a good idea. You can choose from a variety of styles. For example, retro checkerboard, classic wood, or colorful LED tiles with a disco effect.

These Backyard Wedding Ideas For A Personalized Celebration could be a cheap option for a wedding venue. Especially if you are working under a tight budget. Or maybe during extraordinary times, such as the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, where you have fewer options for holding a wedding. Get inspired more and make your wedding a great event by utilizing information at the Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


Header Image Credit: @jmosleyphotography

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