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Christmas Themed Wedding Ideas

Christmas Themed Wedding Ideas

Looking for Christmas Themed Wedding Ideas? Or maybe you are waiting until December to adorn yourself in your best wedding dress and walk down the aisle? You might then be thinking of having a Christmas themed wedding.  Deck your winter wedding venue with Christmas trees, wreaths, and ornaments.

You can decide to put on a wedding dress to get away from the traditional white gown. Your sweet table can be adorned with a homemade charm decorated with sugar cookies. You can decide to add a few things or go all out to include Christmas flavor to your wedding, and there are several ways you can get the job done to embrace a Christmas themed wedding.

Christmas Themed Wedding Ideas

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This list will help you get inspired with our Christmas Themed Wedding Ideas!

  • Faux fur stoles

The truth about Christmas themed weddings is that you, together with your leading ladies, will want to remain warm while taking the portraits during those cold outdoor winter sessions. Get a little faux fur stole so that you can stay cozy while the same time looking great in your photos.

  • Frost cake

It is possible to turn your wedding cake into a mini wonderland winter cake by ensuring you cover it with white icing, adding festive details such as berries, pinecones, and sprigs of spruce to incorporate the Christmas wedding theme.

  • Wintery bouquet

Christmas time is the season for poinsettias and not peonies. It would be best if you took the opportunity to go with a green and red-hued bouquet filled with wintery greenery and blooms.

  • A string of Christmas lights

Fairy tale lights seem to be wedding décor staple that is very popular, but when it comes to Christmas themed weddings, using strands of snowflakes or utilizing traditional Christmas tree lights should be what you embrace.

  • Sugar cookies

Take your wedding dessert table to another level by including some traditional Christmas cookies so that you can mix them up. If you want to save on your budget and at the same time, if you have some extra time, you can ensure you make them yourself. You can invite your bridesmaids and groomsmen to come over for a cookie decorating party, which could be a good way for pre-wedding bonding.

  • Fireplace altar

Stay cozy and warm on your wedding day by making your vows in front of a fireplace that is crackling warm. It would be best if you did not forget to ensure that the mantle is decorated with ornaments.

  • Cranberry cocktails

Cranberry is the winter’s pumpkin spice. Take on the trend and ensure some drinks that are cranberry flavored is served during your wedding cocktail hour.

  • Sleigh rides

Who wants a party busy when you, together with your guests, could dash through the snow in the santa clause style using your sleigh.

  • Festive stationery

Give your Christmas themed wedding stationery that has a treatment for winter by using deep crimson paper with gold graphics and text. If you want to go the extra mile, you can as well add some fun using wintery images such as pinecones and snowflakes.

  • Carriage ride

Use the Santa’s sleigh for your transportation on your Christmas themed wedding. You might not be able to round up a herd of reindeers to let you in, but having at least a pair of horses will work right. You are at liberty to nickname them Dancer and Dasher.

  • Ornament placeholders

Use ornaments for the Christmas tree in holding your place cards or escort cards. They can serve the double duty as well as act as a wedding favor.

  • Flannel PJs

Ensure your wedding party remains warm before the main event happens by giving out flannel PJs to be worn when getting ready. There is nobody who likes wearing skimpy robes made from silk during winter.

  • Spruce aisle markers

Get a budget-friendly way to decorate your wedding aisle. Ensure to use some sprig of spruce to come up with a budget-friendly way of decorating the aisle.

  • Wintery place setting

Greenery, reindeer napkins, ornaments, and many others will ensure that your reception tables look ready for the holiday.

Christmas Themed Wedding Ideas

@amberjamesphotography L’Amour by Calla Blanche Chicago LA20223

  • Red wedding dress

You can rock in a red wedding dress, which is a bold option that will catch your guests’ eyes on you. You will be the center of attention, which is what should happen on your wedding day – all eyes should be on you.

  • Holiday dinner

To grace your Christmas themed wedding, you can have more than one Christmas dinner. Ensure that your buffet is filled with eateries such as stuffing, turkey, and cranberry sauce. Make sure that you order some extra as your guests may go back for an extra round.

  • Candle galore

If you want to embrace the Christmas wedding theme, your wedding reception should fit the theme too. Ensure the venue is cozy enough by adorning it using several candles. Add birch branches, cranberries, and spruce sprigs to the centerpiece of your wedding so that it is even more festive.

  • Christmas tree

If you want to embrace the Christmas themed wedding fully, then you will need to have a Christmas tree. You have to decorate it with ornaments that match your color theme and include some monogrammed ones.

  • Crackers

You can amplify your place setting by adding a festive cracker to each guest’s plate. Instead of having to buy the ones which are plain from the grocery stores, customize them for your wedding day.

  • Wreaths

You have to deck your halls. You don’t need to have boughs of holly to achieve this, but you should add one wreath or two of them at your wedding venue.

  • Gingerbread house

Do you want your wedding dessert table to embrace the Christmas wedding theme? Then you will need to add a gingerbread house that is very cute to your display; they can be two in number or even three.

  • Sparkly accessories

Ensure that your wedding ensemble is more glamorous through adding accessories that are sparkly. For example, faux diamond or dramatic diamond jewelry or/and bedazzled shoes.

Christmas Themed Wedding Ideas will help you to organize your wedding during the Christmas season. Get more ideas by visiting The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


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