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Everything You Need To Know About Flower Girls

Everything You Need To Know About Flower Girls

If you have ever attended a wedding, you know that the entry of flower girls is always a moment that is adorable even if it is not perfect. Whether it is dancing with the bridesmaids at the reception,  walking down the aisle, or cracking fun faces in wedding party portraits, flower girls do attract a lot of cuteness and spunk to the day. If you plan that they will be the ones who will grace your wedding day while dressed in their best wedding dresses.

Before you decide if you will have them or not, there are specific details that you will need to know. The below guide is going to help you in choosing flower girls, understanding their role, and get you to decide on her etiquette.

  • Pick a flower girl who falls under the right age group

Traditionally, a flower girl’s age has to be between three years up to eight years with room for slightly younger or older. It ensures that the flower girl is mature enough to walk down the aisle while at the same time remaining young enough to be different from the bridesmaids.

If you settle for a two-year-old or younger, they will require the escort of their parents or the matron of honor, and they might feel overwhelmed with so many guests who are strangers to her, present.

If you have a flower girl who is ten years or older, you can make them junior bridesmaids, involving them in some of your planning processes such as getting your nails done and shopping for dresses.

Everything You Need To Know About Flower Girls

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  • Think of friends, siblings, or relatives who are parents

When choosing your flower girl, it might be a simple decision, especially if you have a daughter of your own, or your sibling, close relatives, or friends who have younger children you are close to.

Your flower girl has to be someone who should be part of your close friends or family member group. If you don’t know her well, then it might be like a random choice. You should not fear to be creative if, among your friends and relatives, there are no small girls.

Check if there is a boy in that age range who can easily handle the responsibility of a flower boy.  Or a pre-teen daughter of your cousin might be willing to fill the role, and you can convert her to a junior bridesmaid.

If nothing works, you can ask two of your adult attendants to be the ones to toss flowers while walking down the aisle. It is an unexpected and fun way of ensuring your ceremony is personalized.

  • You have to remember that her parents will be involved too

When choosing your flower girl, remember that her parents will have to be involved in your wedding, especially if the girl is very young. They are going to do most, if not all, of the work to lead them up during your wedding. From purchasing for her wedding outfit to making sure they understand their role on the wedding day.

The parents will be responsible for attending most of the pre-wedding activities, like your rehearsal dinner and bridal shower, in addition to ensuring they arrive early on the wedding day.

You have to ensure that you are in good terms with the parents of the girl. Moreover, that they are comfortable in dedicating their money and time to the involvement of their girl. If you are not sure, ask them.

  • Request for you flower girl in a way that is thoughtful

Once you have been given the green light by the parents of your flower girl, it is now your turn to know how you are going to ask her to be part of your wedding ceremony. You can choose to surprise her with a thoughtful gift that is age-appropriate. For instance, keepsake jewelry, stuffed animal, or a music box.

  • Other meaningful titles to save for other little ones

You have the option to have more than one flower girl. Designate other particular roles to children who will not be part of your actual wedding ceremony. Give then other things to do. For example, walk behind the ring bearer or flower girl with a great banner, blowing bubbles during your recessional, or passing out programs to your guests.

FAQs about flower girls

  • What is the role of a flower girl

 A flower girl traditionally follows the last bridesmaids or the matron or maid of honor in the processional of the wedding, before the bride enters. She is in charge of scattering herbs, flower petals, or confetti as she walks down the aisle. Traditionally, it was symbolic of good fertility for the bride.

Once the flower girl arrives at the alter, she can stand with the rest of the bridal party. Or she can return and sit with her parents. During the reception, you can announce the flower girl together with the other wedding party entrances. However, only if she feels comfortable enough. If not, the parent or bridesmaids can walk with her.

  • What does a flower girl wear?

In traditional weddings, the flower girl wears a white dress. It can be similar to that of the bride, like beading, laces, or floral applique. Otherwise, she can match the bridesmaid’s attire by wearing a similar dress style or colored sash. Pink dresses, tutus, and sequins tend to be adorable and popular options.

You can purchase the flower girl’s dress online or at much formal wear or bridal boutiques. Comfortable shoes such as ballet flat or sandals are the best for young flower girls. However, for older flower girls, they can put on shoes with a low heel. Hair accessories, stockings, and jewelry tend to be optional, depending on your wedding style.

  • Who pays for the dress of the flower girl?

The parents of the flower girl are the ones traditionally who pay for the dress. If, as a couple, you have the capacity to pay, that will be a kind gesture. Moreover, the parents will appreciate it.


Do you think your wedding will require flower girls? If so, we hope you now know Everything You Need To Know About Flower Girls. For other bridal parties, check out The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


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