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Geeky Themed Wedding Ideas

Geeky Themed Wedding Ideas

What Geeky Themed Wedding Ideas are worth your time? With the chemistry you have between the both of you, you can work out nerd ideas to come up with a unique wedding theme. From your wedding dress to the wedding cake to the reception arrangement, you can embrace nerd ideas into your wedding day, and it will just feel great.

You know you have found that special person when they look you in the eye and say that they want you to walk down the aisle in the Warcraft themed wedding. If you fall for it, then go for it. If not, there are a variety of geeky themed ideas you can pick from. Maybe you are not comfortable with any of the geeky themed ideas? Then it might be time to reconsider your future together as it means that you are not compatible: there is no chemistry between both of you.

Geeky Themed Wedding Ideas

@amandalanephotography L’Amour by Calla Blanche Avery LA20216

Don’t fear to embrace your fandom and go the geeky way for your dream wedding. More couples are nowadays personalizing their weddings, moving away from the traditional way into something more exciting, even a little nerdy that speaks of your love a certain pastime or a show that will ensure that your guests experience the real you at your wedding.

From superhero centerpieces to star of war wedding cake toppers and geeky wedding rings that have secret messages are some of the few ideas that might help you in organizing your wedding day complete with geeky wedding ideas to make it unique and your own. As long as both of you are happy as a couple with the geeky theme, choose one that will work well for you and make your wedding day a memorable one.

  • Superhero wedding theme

Whether you are Team DC or Team Marvel, as a superhero fan, this might be your ensemble. With your geeky interests, it will not prevent you from having a wedding on comic books like a fairy tale but better than that. Although it is not simple to plan a wedding, you can alleviate the process by showing off your best character, and it might just lead you to have a hero status while you are at it.

  • Harry potter wedding theme

If only you could get a Hogwarts wedding venue, this could portray in your Harry Porter wedding theme. It is now time to plan your Harry Porter themed wedding with the help of the Sorting Hat. Try tapping into your favorite quotes from the movies and books. Therefore, it will help leverage each color of the house to come up with a perfect reception hall. It would be best if you did not forget to include the Butterbeer

  • Star wars wedding theme

Long ago in a galaxy that was far away in a faraway land….. you became engaged. As you are at it, planning for your wedding, you should remember that it is not a must that it happens on the 4th of May for you to be able to achieve a star war theme that is stunning. Make sure you include the characters in your fashion, guest experience, and décor that will leave all your guests awestruck.

  • Game of Thrones wedding theme

Make yourself to be the Mother of Dragons, and you are now getting married. For the sake of your upcoming wedding, pretend that all the Game of Throne themed weddings end beautifully. There are a variety of ways that you can express your love for the binge-show without going full red wedding. With some two spicy elements, your wedding day will deserve an iron throne.

  • Lord of the ring themed wedding

Geeky Themed Wedding Ideas

@amandalanephotography L’Amour by Calla Blanche Avery LA20216

Your unexpected and epic journey of love deserves quite the celebrations. Make merry with your guests and other family members with the Lord of the Rings adventure. For example, you can use books or ask your friends to be in your fellowship. Moreover, your wedding party, or you can provide favors that are adventurous to mark the end of the night. Thus, there are a variety of ways to incorporate the Middle Earth magic.

  • Science themed wedding

It has already been proven that you and your partner have chemistry between the both of you. Therefore, science might be the way to go. If you like to speak in science terminologies, or find fun at a science museum, then go for a science-themed wedding. Have a celebration based on everything from physics to biology. Thus, your guests are likely to have fun as they learn something along the way.

  • Pokeman wedding theme

It is time to change your job title to a wedding planner from pokeman trainer if you have been catching pokeman in the game of pokeman. You can bring the Pokeman Go and the Famous gaming and ensure your wedding bands safe using the Pokeball.

  • Video game wedding theme

It is possible to take your geeky wedding to a new level using a video game theme. While you shouldn’t do open your gaming console on our wedding day, you can reference your favorite video games. For example, with an extravagant design for the seating chart or with pops of fun photos of the same.

  • Board games themed wedding

Though you are not playing games when it comes to your wedding, you can use your favorite game as an inspiration. Put out your most loved games for your guests. Or you even create a variety of games they can play as they eat at the reception. Your only worry should be, for your guests not to become competitive.

From the above, you can see that the geeky themed wedding ideas are not for everyone. It is for couples who have a passion for something unique and which will make it work. Utilize these Geeky Themed Wedding Ideas and get one that is suitable to make your day a happy and joyous one.

If not, search for other wedding themes at The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide and pick one that will work for you and make your guests at home as they witness your big day.


Header Image Credit: @amandalanephotography

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