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Geometric Wedding Ideas For A Modern Bride

Geometric Wedding Ideas For A Modern Bride

Geometric themed weddings are one of the hottest trends. Thinking about Geometric Wedding Ideas For A Modern Bride? You can incorporate the geometric design in nearly everything on your wedding day, from the wedding dress to wedding centerpiece holders and ceremony backdrops to wedding cakes and signs.

They tend to be stunning for any color scheme and décor style: Boho, modern, minimalist, vintage, glam, industrial, and many more. Do you love the geometric wedding idea? Then utilize the below impressions to come up Geometric Wedding Ideas For A Modern Bride!

  • Excellent art wedding signs

Geometric Wedding Ideas For A Modern Bride

@thelostandwild Calla Blanche Lilia 121101

Such signs not only look classy, but they will also feel classy, and that will make you have a good feeling. Apart from looking good, they will serve the purpose of allowing your guests to know that they are in the right spot or that they require to go in a specific direction. Having signage at a wedding usually is high, and when it is beautiful, it will always be memorable.

  • Ceremony backdrops

The main reason why everyone has come to the ceremony is because of the two of you. It means that the context has to be unique and stunning. There will be a lot of photos which will be taken during and after the ceremony, but for the formal portraits, you will have to ensure there is a reflection of the wedding theme.

  • DIY terrarium ring box

This will be a beautiful way to display your wedding rings before you make your vow and a sweet way to store them after your wedding day when you are asleep. Another advantage is that it is small enough to ensure that your ring bearers carry it well, but not so tiny to get lost.

  • A romantic wedding with a geometric decoration of candle lights and terrariums

It will be hot. Its simplistic vibe creates a huge statement, and it is visually appealing, and you will win with such a design. If you are a bride who loves DIY, it is something that will not go to waste after the big day as you can re-purpose it for the bathroom, kitchen, coffee table, or mantle décor, making it a win-win situation.

  • Decoration of reception tables

If there is an area that requires highlighting at the reception, then it is the guest book, the dessert display, and the bar. Utilizing geometric touches, it will be able to make a tremendous visual impact, automatically drawing the guests to the table.

  • Stylish centerpiece

The geometric scene can be elevated by using geometric terrariums, adding them to the greenery or floral. It will bring out a modern and chic theme, and it is impressive from all angles, making it a perfect centerpiece.

  • Geometric floral lanterns are hanging

During your wedding, you will need to treat your ceiling excitingly, thereby hanging terrariums to have a visual impact you want. You can as well go for building or hoop your lightweight shapes from bamboo or wood dowels.

  • Geometric inspired wedding design

Little touch of geometric shapes on your invitation is one of the best ways to push your theme forward. Because they are so chic, they will give out the impression that they are damn expensive, but with the right organization, it will not cost you much.

  • Marbled wedding cake with geometric details golden

Remember it is just a cake, but full of art and your guests will admire it before you cut as it is served. You will have various pictures taken of your cake no matter the ankle you will be standing in, it will always look amazing with little geometric details.

  • Having a positive mindset while planning your geometric wedding

Your mindset is your belief about whether or not you will be able to achieve your fullest potential. And your mindsets are incredibly crucial as you prepare to get married. Developing a growth-based mindset that beliefs in positivity help in being your best for your best, increasing your effectiveness in a relationship, and manages your assumptions and expectations.

Deciding to have a positive mindset is as tricky as you might think, but it does not come naturally. The below methods will ensure that you get to know ways to start improving yourself and your mindset as you step in a stressful season of wedding planning and marriage.

Geometric Wedding Ideas For A Modern Bride

@thelostandwild Calla Blanche Lilia 121101

Your positive mindset will be able to serve you well as you plan. Also it will help even better as you navigate life as newlyweds.

  • Pay attention to your self-talk

Eliminate words such as never, cannot, should, and always. They are the words that will keep you fixed in your thoughts. Instead, it would help if you said, I am going to try. For example, let me give it some idea, or I am willing to consider it. When you choose open-minded, positive words, it will increase your willingness to be open-minded.

  • Be patient with yourself

Anything that requires change will always take effort and time. Process, correct, and learn self-defeating habits as they crop. You will not be able to change your mindset in a fortnight completely. Always celebrate your perseverance, effort, and improvement.

  • Share your feelings and ideas

A wedding is a one-day event, but marriage is a lifetime commitment. Start practicing your ability to share your opinions calmly with your partner and also learn to communicate.

  • Create a vision board

It is easier to get the results that you yearn for if you genuinely know what you want. Decide together with your partner what priorities are top about your wedding and focus on those things. You have to be willing to let small details pass by.

  • Work with a therapist

Learning strategies that are helpful and good communication tools and decision making are critical; think past your wedding day. It would help if you considered involving a therapist to assist you in navigating through your disagreements and expectation during your engagement and well beyond into your marriage life. There are various post-wedding blues, which might be a real challenge. Thus, a therapist can help you work through those and all the difficulties of married life.


With these Geometric Wedding Ideas For A Modern Bride and a positive mindset, you will be able to go through the entire wedding planning in a more relaxed manner. Get more about wedding planning using The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


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