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Glamorous Themed Wedding

Glamorous Themed Wedding Ideas

Looking for Glamorous Themed Wedding Ideas? In modern times, so many couples are leaning towards minimalist themed weddings, and it might be easy to find yourself falling in the same mindset when planning for your wedding. You don’t need to fall into the trend. If you are looking forward to having over the top, larger than life event, then that is what you should plan for, wearing the best wedding dress. To achieve this, you will need to fill your wedding day with the glamorous details out there.

If glam and glitz are what you think should be your aesthetics for your ideal wedding, let this guide give you guidance on how to go about it. You will need to choose a venue that goes well with your vision.

Glamorous Themed Wedding

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As you read, you will discover that there is more to a glamorous themed wedding than just the palatial venues. It doesn’t matter where you are going to take your vows! You need to know that you can easily give a glamorous upgrade using the ideas below.

Add some luxury of your garden setting with a setting that has floral installation, which is elegant. Thus, you can treat your guests like royalties by giving them bottles of champagne to take home. It is up to you to decide to make your wedding more glamorous with the details below. This will ensure your luxurious day goes well without a hitch.

  • Dapper couple

Naturally the both of you will want to dress to embrace the glamorous theme. But there is no need to go over the top with an out of this world attire. The bride can put on a sophisticated designer number to match with the groom’s white and black tuxedo at the wedding.

  • The style

Go home-go big should be your motto! Therefore, you are a glamorous bride at heart, and your wedding should not be anything less! Start with stunning  custom calligraphed invitations to give your guest a clue into the formality of your wedding occasion. Or you can opt for boxed invitations that are hand-delivered for a total great factor of loyalty.

Picking a wedding theme might help in guiding you on the other style decisions for the occasion, from the signature sip to the color theme. There are a variety of themes to choose from old world glam, art Deco, to winter fete that is whitewashed with a lot of fabrics that are textured.

  • The setting

You have to get a venue that is both glamorous as well as bold. Opulence might be the key. Most ballrooms have ornate architectural elements, such as impressive up-lighting or crown molding, both of which happen to give an instant ambience.

Other venues that you might consider include an exquisite art museum’s atrium, a grand estate dining room,  or a historic mansion. If you want to go for an alfresco, look for an outdoor space that is equally grand with views that will match it: Think of the side of the mountain or go for a gorgeous beachfront.

  • The wedding wear

You will need to make your grand entrance with a sparkling dress. There are a variety of silhouettes you can choose from: A ball wedding gown that has a bodice that is beaded and a skirt that is layered to make a dramatic statement. Or you could go for a sexy look that has backless, slinky, full beaded sheath.

Take the neckline of the gown into consideration when you are thinking about your hairstyle.  If you are thinking of a sweeping updo, then go for a strapless sweetheart as it will look flawless. Loose waves might complement a deep V-neck shape.

Glamorous Themed Wedding

@ar_phelps Calla Blanche Ariel 121235

For the groom,  putting on a formal tuxedo might be the best way to dress on such a glamorous occasion. Or you can bend the rules and go trending with a velvet dinner jacket.

  • Color combos

Monochromic Colors – various shades of one hue or all white –as well as multiple combinations that range from boisterous, hot hues, or sultry jewel tones, will have a great impact.

You need to keep the current décor of your venue well in mind: If you are going to hold your reception in a ballroom that has ornate gold and red wallpaper, an orange and fuchsia color palette might just clash.

  • The best blooms

While it is very hard to go wrong with centerpieces that are classic rose, you don’t need to limit yourself with a single flower type. Have arrangements that feature variations of one stem though looking diverse but still feel cohesive.

Try playing around with various centerpiece styles so that you evoke extra drama. You can trade out a few arrangements for non-floral, tall structures like manzanita branches or curly willow. It is a great option if you are a bride who doesn’t want a lot of flowers or have a restricted flower budget.

  • The décor

Come up with intimate lighting for every tabletop with a spread of candles alongside the centerpieces. When it comes to the place setting, ornate flatware, crystal stemware, and linen that is high quality will add to the glamorous vibe and richer texture to your dining experience. If your venue has a high ceiling, you can fill the space with several chandeliers or fabric that is draped to make it feel a lot more intimate.

  • The menu items

Before you settle for the meal, host a beer and wine cocktail hour along with a signature sip. Allow for some personalization through garnishes and presentation. Come up with a cocktail bar, or you can opt for waiters that are tuxedo dressed. A seated four up to six-course meal might just impress. Four-course tends to be more complementary to a cocktail hour together with appetizers; five is the traditional course. In contrast, a six-course is complementary that has smaller servings on more plates.

Add to the above classic string orchestra music, and you have a perfect glamorous wedding day. Get more details about the glam wedding theme and others by checking out The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


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