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Bride’s Survival Guide: Granny Chic Wedding Ideas To Utilize If You Love Flowers And Pastels

Even if your grandmother is the most stylish in the world, you might still be shocked to see something related to your grandmother trending at the moment. Granny chic is a style of dressing in a ladylike manner, yet comfortable in floral prints, tailored suits, checkered coats, best wedding dress, cute knit sets, and kitten heels. It is a style that has already taken the fashion world by the story.

Granny chic is an aesthetic that is highly feminine and currently on the rise in home design trends as well as in the wedding industry. The grandmillenials, which is an unofficial name for the millennials who are embracing everything retro, are going for the granny chic for your wedding style.

If you are having trouble getting to understand what this style is all about, then, in summary, it is upholstered furniture, pastel colors, mixing patterns, and a lot of flowers. The results bring out a theme that is both modern and vintage, with the right amount of quirkiness.

  • Patterned wallpaper: One of the current décor trends that you can include in your granny chic themed wedding is the wallpaper. It is a must-have style for this type of wedding too. Incorporate wallpaper on your wedding day either by using a wallpaper pattern to inspire your stationery suite, which creates a ceremony backdrop that is decorative from wallpaper.

Or you can take portraits in a wallpaper covered room at your wedding venue. Patterns that have flowers might be the best option to pick, but damasks, bird prints, and chinoiserie motifs can also be good options.

  • Botanical stamps: Botanical stamps that are vintage-inspired or the actual vintage stamps can turn envelopes that are ordinary into magnificent works of art. Use a variety of floral prints that are similar to get the right postage amount. Remember, it is the little details that count and make a difference.
  • Patterned bridesmaid dresses: For bridesmaid dresses that are patterned, it might not be for everyone. But as far as creating a granny chic themed wedding as they are no brainer. The more floral prints, the better for you. In case you are worried when it comes to visual overload, have all your bridesmaids wear the same dress or stay in the same color as a family.
  • Blusher veil: You don’t feel like putting on a long veil for your wedding day? Then getting a blusher veil will ensure that your face is covered to the chin tip. It is a style straight from the 1950s and, thus, a good one when planning for a granny chic themed wedding.
  • Embroidered handkerchief: Carrying a cloth handkerchief used to be a regular thing until a few decades ago, and thus if you plan to shed tears at your wedding, then embrace this old school practice. You can go through antique shops online and get a handkerchief that you like and take it to a tailoring shop to add some monogram, favorite love quote, or your wedding date. It will be a great keepsake.
  • The Wedding dress that is folk-inspired: Dressing the part is the most significant element when it comes to granny inspired wedding style. As a bride, it is less about dressing like your grandmother but more regarding the choice of a dress that has a super feminine style. Think about frills, eyelet lace, bows, voluminous sleeves, and prints that have flowers.

Tulle skirts, fitted sheath silhouettes, and the princess-style ball wedding gowns all work to bring out the romantic aesthetic. But if you are planning to go full-on and be a grandma chic, then you can consider dresses inspired by American folk or European costumes.

  • Baby’s breath: It is not only suitable for rustic weddings as the baby’s breath is currently making a comeback, and ethereal brides have noticed it. The fluffy, soft appearance of the baby breath converts it to a great romantic addition to a wedding style. Whether you decide to wear it on your hearing, suspend it on the ceiling as a centerpiece, its earthy vibe tends to balance out the more traditional moments of the granny chic style.
  • Needlepoint details: Cross stitch and needlepoint patterns are the core of a granny chic themed wedding. You can utilize the embroidery technique with whatever from table runners to monogrammed to the wedding signage and portraits hat is customized.
  • Dried wedding bouquet: If having dried flowers tend to remind you of bundles of herbs or potpourri hanging in an old fashioned apothecary, then that is the exact vibe for granny chic you are embracing. Whichever way you choose, dried flowers tend to be the in-thing at the moment and can look just as lovely as fresh flowers. And depending on which type of flowers and how you dried them, you might just end up with a vast assortment of pastel tones that are muted.

Dried accents such as eucalyptus and lavender tend to keep most of the original pigment they had. You should ask from your wedding florist and find out if they did experiment with flower drying or have a clue about bringing out the look that you want. You can finish an arrangement of dried flowers with cotton stems, pampas grass, fresh greenery, Lunaria, or velvet ribbons for a more textured outlook.

  • Cate-eye sunglasses: You can get playful with your bridal accessories by putting on a pair of sunglasses just for your wedding portraits. Cat-eyed frames are a little sassy as well as retro.
  • Porcelain ring box: You can forgo the velvet ring box and opt for a heart-shaped trinket box. It keeps the rings safe on your big day, making them look pretty just sitting on vanity and in the future, sitting at the bedside table. If you think that the box will be damaged during your wedding ceremony, you can ask the photographer to utilize it during their detailed pictures and then alternate it with a style that is more durable when the wedding ceremony starts.
  • Lace wedding booties: You are free to balance a wedding dress that is modest and a pair of heeled boots to bring out an outfit that is on the bridal edge. If you put on white boots, they will bridge the gap between the modern style and the traditional style to keep your outfit from feeling stuffy.

Granny chic wedding ideas will ensure you will have a wedding that will stand out from the rest. Embrace it and add other wedding planning ideas from the ultimate bride’s survival guide.


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