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Bride’s Survival Guide: Have A Standout Wedding Reception With Unique Ideas

One of your most memorable and important wedding events will happen at the reception. So does your wedding dresses. Ensure you create an experience that will bring out your taste and style. Once you have planned an out of the box wedding reception, get the right vendors in your area to ensure it comes out just the way you want it. From transportation that is tricked out of midnight to mouth-watering snacks, the following ideas for your reception, as well as your ceremony, are surely going to create a lasting impression.

  • Conventional child care: Get a babysitter and place her in a room so that, if you have young guests, they can have a place to retire to when they are tucked out. If possible, select a room that is near the location of your reception to enable parents to stop by and check on them and then smoothly return to the party. Let the room have enough games, snacks, and DVD players that are portable to keep the kids entertained. There should be enough blankets and soft sofas when they feel like napping. Parents will appreciate you forever for this unique and helpful wedding idea.
  • A reception with a luxe- lounge: A need to ensure your guests have a place where they can mingle in between breaks for dances by having at your reception, a lounge area. To implement sophisticated and fun wedding ideas, occupy the space with chairs and couches and several pillows where they can sink into. It is a great style to entertain people at the party, even when resting. If you want to wow them, then close off the area with curtains to create a vibe that is VIP.
  • Upgraded welcome bags: Allow your guests to feel as if they are VIPs with welcome bags that go beyond a few snacks and a map. To ensure it is a great wedding experience at the reception, stuff tote bags that are personalized for each guest, with a six-pack of a micro-brew that is locally made or bubbly mini bottles. You can also opt for a gift certificate of one of your favorite local coffee shop or a welcome written note for each guest.
  • Reception ushers: You might already be planning to have ushers to escort guests to their seats after the ceremony. But it would help if you considered this unique idea where you have ushers at the reception. The live cards for escort will walk your guests up to their seating places fora high class experience of a restaurant. Ask the caterer at your wedding reception venue if their wait-staff can do double duty, or you can allocate some few ushers to do that job.
  • Useful and thoughtful favors: Ensure your guests are comfortable all day long by thinking ahead. Your out of the town guests will appreciate it, if you can give them a custom scented soap so that they don’t depend on samples offered in the hotel. Do you have plans to dance until morning? Using your wedding colors, put out baskets of flip-flops so that your guests can take their shoes off.

Do you have an outdoor reception that could get breezy? Ensure that your guests keep warm by offering up some Pashminas that are cozy. And for an outdoor summer ceremony in the afternoon, provide a station stack with inexpensive sunglasses and spray-on sunscreen.

  • Guest transportation: If you plan to shuttle your guests coming from the wedding ceremony up to the wedding ceremony, ensure that their journey is full of fun by renting some great transportation that is cool and comfortable. Take the wedding transportation to new heights by including in the ride, a hot air balloon.

Or if it is okay for your wedding style, you can become nostalgic with some yellow school buses. And to add an extra flair, try customizing your ride by playing music that is fun or a fun sign on the bus that reads “her and him wedding (insert your names) wedding or bust the balloon.”

  • A DIY flower station: Allow your guests to know that it is not only your wedding party which is special to you but also them. Let them stand out with their boutonniere or corsage. You can ask your florist regarding making your flower station. Put in it some sturdy flowers like mums or spray roses, supply them with colorful pin and ribbons, and add several labels that have instructions that are easy to follow. It is an idea that guests will greatly love.
  • Cocktails before the ceremony: Your guests will not be getting drinks before they arrive at the wedding reception, and thus offer them a good surprise by having a table full of light beverages as they head to the ceremony. It would help if you avoided anything strong – you can try to have iced teas that are fruit-infused or mimosas to sip before getting seated.  You should also have one that is non-alcoholic. Have your ushers or caterer collect any glasses lying around to ensure the space is neat before the processionals start.
  • Valet gifts: Send your guests home with a feeling of having been taken care of. Your valets should place some small favors or snacks at the end of the night, in the cars before handing them the keys. Don’t you have valets? You can utilize baskets of gifts like masks with soft eyes with tight sleep notes. Or you can have hangover kits filled with water, Aspirin, and snacks for guests to be able to pick as they leave the reception venue. If you have organized for shuttle or bus transportation, you can get a favor waiting on board.
  • Standard cards for escort: Instead of having the usual paper card which can be thrown away or get lost, you can upgrade your cards for escort to an item that is worth eating or keeping. Try coming up with cake pops that are personalized that have names of guests as well as written numbers for tables on a cute tag or icing or martini glasses that are engraved, which count also as favors.

Get that standout wedding reception by utilizing the above ideas. To ensure that you start with a grand wedding ceremony before the grand wedding reception, check out the ultimate bride’s survival guide.


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