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How About The Classic Themed Wedding

How About The Classic Themed Wedding

If you are the bride who prefers timeless over trend, then a classic wedding is for you. Plenty of lush greenery, delicate white floral, minimal décor, and light linens: These are details that are true and have been tried in terms of wedding organization and will never go out of style.  Even your wedding dress has to be classic.

If you go that way, you will not worry about your photos looking dated: When you look back on your wedding photos years later, you will still be in love with the classic themed ideas that you embraced during your wedding.

If you are not sure if it is a classic themed wedding you want, you will have to compare the pros and cons of the various themes and nuptial styles. Thus, if the popular themes are not your style, then a classic wedding might be the way to go.

Often a more formal type of celebration, a classic wedding features mostly of beautiful white and green floral with refined color themes, a lot of clean lines, and sophisticated elegance, which brings out total bridal bliss.

There are a lot of ways you can incorporate a classic-themed wedding into your wedding day. For invitations, you can opt to go for calligraphy, which is romantic. At the ceremony, you can decide to recite wedding vows which bend towards a traditional wedding to make the whole thing more formal. Dance the night away to classic songs. After dinner, you can dine on a traditional wedding cake with towering tiers made of white butter cream.

Here are some of the things you can include in your wedding to make it a classic-themed wedding.

  • Craft a monogram that is custom

You consider investing in napkins that are customized with a new monogram for the sweetheart table of your reception area. With that, you will instantly elevate any place setting with the best part being that they will become a keepsake. If you are looking for an old-world inspired dining experience, you can go for family heirloom pieces, incorporating them into your table top design.

  • Choose a timeless wedding dress

The definition of a classic wedding is to have a wedding that is elegant, timeless, sophisticated, and free of trends. When you are finalizing your day-of look, you will need to stick to a wedding dress design that is stylish and seamlessly understated.

How About The Classic Themed Wedding

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  • Select a white and blue color scheme

Are you looking for something a bit more of pop instead of all neutral color palette? Then white and blue might be the ultimate classic themed wedding color scheme to settle for. Apart it translating elegantly through your wedding photos, it will pair elements of your day with a timeless atmosphere, inspiring everything on your wedding day from your bridal party dresses to your wedding reception details.

  • Keep your design streamlined and clean

Elegant and streamlined; everything in your wedding needs to be classic. The table setting should be kept simple with a contemporary fresh feel, including a hanging floral installation, to add the right amount of color to the reception space.

  • Pay some homage to tradition

You can pay tribute to a departed loved one like a mother with a wedding portrait. For example, recreating the photo on the same stair where your parents took their wedding portraits years earlier. A moment which might be unknown to the guests, but unique to you.

  • Go with a classic tent

It can be a great experience having a dreamy outdoor tent wedding. It presents an opportunity to be able to curate the most romantic and classic setting for your ceremony. A clear top structure for your wedding reception or ceremony space will enable your design to occupy center space.

  • Spotlight a refined menu

To embrace further the classic themed wedding, a sit dinner together with elegant menus will help highlight your sophisticated event. A vibrant color visionary plate followed with and high quality local ingredients might bea wonderful way to get a classic menu.

  • Consider a neutral color palette

Using a neutral color palette enhances both your wedding venue and your wedding design, no matter where you are saying your vows. You can decide to bring the indoors outside and transform a lawn into a rustic yet sophisticated dinner party setting with long dinner tables to make a statement. Think plush seats and outdoor lantern lights to set the mood. Choose a neutral color palette that will pair well with both aesthetics and the site.

  • All white tasteful wedding cake

Ensure your classic wedding-themed reception has a cake that brings out elegance. Make a minimalist six-tiered cake decorated with vines of delicate white floral. Thus, it will be a perfect complement to your classic themed wedding style. Moreover, it’s beneficial to come up with a display that is opulent. This way you will not overdo on a trend decoration.

  • Avoiding décor that is destructing

A simple setting might be the best background to set your ceremony on. With that, everyone will be able to focus on your nuptials. Minimal draping and an altar that is sleek are what you might need to have a classic themed wedding setting.

  • Add a timeless vibe using classic wedding songs

Simple floral, crisp white linens combined with candlelight, and a letterpress invitation, and a live band playing some refined favorite songs will work well to keep your concept to remain pure, ensuring you have a great classic wedding. You have an option to opt for a formal wedding band.

  • Embrace details that are calligraphed

Many modern brides are having fun embracing escort displays. However, tasteful calligraphed escort cards, the invitation cards, and other stationery, will remain in style always. Choose a traditional style and ensure to follow the guidelines regarding etiquette to address them well. Present all your stationery on an antique piece or a gold tray to help them stand out, especially the calligraphed escort cards.

Get it right with the classic themed wedding by embracing the above ideas. For extra information regarding how to plan a wedding, get it at The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


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