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Ideas For An Industrial Themed Wedding

Ideas For An Industrial Themed Wedding

Looking for Ideas For An Industrial Themed Wedding? Do you have plans to make your wedding an industrial affair? From Edison’s bulbs to modern stationery to a chic industrial wedding dress, all that is possible. Therefore, it is possible to have your wedding in a trendy warehouse or loft space.

The following are some of the ideas for an industrial themed wedding which you can incorporate into your wedding. They are bound to take your beam, brick, and concrete venue to the next level. It would help if you considered working with some or all the ideas into your dessert, design, and décor plans.

  • Illuminate the space

There is no industrial themed wedding that is complete without having ambient lighting. But you have to remember that this type of wedding theme does not just use lighting as a type of accent. However, the fixtures which come with the raw spaces for the industrial wedding theme are themselves a great sight.

  • Minimalist altar

Beams, bricks, and factory windows are all that you require. Avoid the fancy archway made of flowers and the elaborate arrangements and go for a minimalist altar.

  • Modern stationery

Instead of colorful graphics and flowery script, go for streamlined, sleek wedding invitations, modern and minimalist is the best option to go.

  • Carpet aisle

You can modify your industrial themed wedding venue using some homey, cozy vibes through including some vintage carpets to your altar and aisle. You can utilize the same patterns or try to mix and match to give it a more Boho look.

  • Wedding cake

Don’t go overboard when it comes to wallpaper designs, fondant figures, and rosettes when decorating your wedding cake. A simple and modern design of two-tier butter cream cake with accent flowers and gold flecks might just fit your wedding theme well and, at the same time, will give you some cash.

  • Pops of copper and gold

Most industrial venues tend to be cold. Thus, warm things up using pops of copper and gold where you can. For instance, centerpiece vessels, flashy chairs, and flatware will make the place look stunning.

Ideas For An Industrial Themed Wedding

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  • Brewery wedding venue

Are you unable to decide on the wedding venue for your industrial themed wedding? If a warehouse or loft isn’t for you, then you can try using a brewery.

  • Geometric décor

One of the modern themed wedding ideas will be to include modern décor accents such as geometric plant holders. They will bring out an amazing outlook in a warehouse or lofts,while being very anthropological.

  • Candle galore

Make your venue warm by using candles that produce a soft glow. You can use them as centerpieces, aisle markers, and all-around your venue. They are going to change your wedding space instantly.

  • Chic table settings

Contrast your edgy and cool venue using a chic table setting that is decked out with elaborate place settings and pretty linens.

  • Plant wall

Forget about going for flower walls. If you want to have a fun way of introducing some nature into your beam and brick space, you can settle for a backdrop that is filled with vines, ferns, and other variety of greenery.

  • Edison bulb strands

They are the trendier as compared to the fairy lights, and you might include them when doing your wedding décor. They can warm up the room, making it look awesome in your wedding photos.

  • Greenery packed bouquet

Fill all your flower arrangements, including bridal bouquets with a lot of healthy greenery. It is an option that is unique and will ensure that you lower your bill on the florist.

  • Bright lounge

Industrial themed wedding venues tend to have color palettes that are muted. Ensure that you touch more inviting by coming up with a lounge that has bold accent décor and couches that are comfortable, stacked with bright pillows.

  • Find a raw space

It means that you get a shell of a venue: a roof, four walls, and a floor—a total blank slate. Raw space has character. Although you will be building your wedding venue from the ground up, the point of having an industrial themed wedding is to allow inherent features into your venue shine.

  • Metal Signage

Playoff the feel of an industrial themed wedding in your space by utilizing metal signage to direct your guests in the right direction.

  • Graffiti photoshoot backdrop

You can strike a pose in front of a wall that is graffiti-clad so that your wedding photos can be grunged. It would help if you didn’t forget that there are not any libidinous or broadsides images before you start to pose as you don’t want any of such to appear in your photos.

  • Be mindful of your budget

Since raw spaces are the opposite of having an all-inclusive space, you will have the potential to break the bank to come up with what you desire. You are going to rent even the most basic item on your list. The extras include everything from chairs, tables, flatware, and linens to the lighting and sound system.

Things that you would never have worried about at an all-inclusive wedding.  But the good thing about the industrial themed wedding is that there are no-frills by nature and thus, the flowers and décor can be kept to a minimum and within your budget.

  • Letter balloons

It is a chic industrial wedding idea where you spell out your love using bold, big balloons around your venue.

  • Industrial chic wedding dress

You have the option of skipping the traditional white gown and go for a metallic wedding dress that has more sparkle. Thus, with a metallic flock, you are likely going to turn heads, which is what you would want your wedding day to be – all heads turned in your direction.

  • Explore your options for décor

With your industrial themed wedding providing for a lot of visual interest, there is no need to put a lot of décors. Just bring in a few things that will make a statement to your wedding. Focus on mixed metals, rich textures, sophisticated foliage, and architectural patterns to ensure that your event space is dressed up.

We hope these Ideas For An Industrial Themed Wedding will help you plan your dream wedding. For more information about industrial themed weddings plus other wedding themes, check The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


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