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Minimalist Wedding Ideas For Ultimate Chic And Simple Day

Minimalist Wedding Ideas For Ultimate Chic And Simple Day

Looking for minimalist wedding ideas for ultimate chic and simple day? When you go for a minimalist themed wedding, it means that you are going for less is more. It is a mindset that most modern couples are going for to get an ultra-chic wedding aesthetic. Minimalist themed weddings mostly feature industrial wedding venues, neutral wedding color palettes, traditional wedding dress, and several greenery, are very adaptable for almost any season and budget. It could explain why it is a trend this is currently popular.

Far from being a boring wedding theme, the minimalist themed wedding is not the absence of fun details or bright colors. Minimalist weddings are a style found in all wedding types due to the overall goal; it brings out essential information that will be meaningful to you as a couple. Here’s our list with the best minimalist wedding ideas for ultimate chic and simple day!

  • Vellum Ceremony

When it comes to minimalist themed wedding décor, vellum is a material to embrace. It is a semi-translucent paper which can be utilized on everything from the wedding invitations and programs for the wedding ceremony to your reception signage, escort cards, or table numbers.

  • Monochromatic Stationery

Instead of fancy calligraphy and colorful embellishment, the stationery for a minimalist wedding is all about typography that is simplified, neutral colors, and a mindset for only essentials. White and black is the most obvious choice when it comes to minimalist wedding stationery, but you have an option to go with a modified neutral palette of gold, silver, dark green, and gray.

Minimalist Wedding Ideas For Ultimate Chic And Simple Day

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  • Aisle Candle Pillar Markers

It is an alternative that is romantic to ensure you line up your aisle using flower petals, including pillar candles, white.  Having candle clusters at every row edge will be able to set the mood without the need to add more décor than needed. You will have to alternate between rows with simple cylinder vases as well as geometric hurricane vases for an effect that is subtle but chic.

  • Low Ponytail For Ultimate Chic Look

When it comes to minimalist themed weddings, there are a lot of polished hairstyles to choose from as a bride with the most favorite being a sleek low ponytail. Though it is not the most glamorous of the hairstyles, that is what makes it stand out. Allow it to slightly tousle and avoid adding any extra accessories to ensure the style remains seemingly effortless and straightforward.

  • Copper Piping Backdrop

If the rest of your wedding ceremony décor and wedding venue is understated, consider add a backdrop copper pipping adorned with fabric, greenery, or pampas grass. It will instantly create a focal point in an otherwise minimalistic themed space.

  • Thin Wedding Band

If you are not the type for fuss bling, then you are going to love this trend of wedding jewelry. Small metal rings feel more contemporary as compared to standard diamond-covered or mid-weight wedding bands. They are also a great option in case you are thinking about coming up with a ring stack. Put on a wedding band that has a simple engagement ring for a pairing that has perfect minimalist.

  • Marais Chairs

The chairs give your minimalist themed wedding an industrial, urban vibe. The chair is found in various metallic finishes like rose gold, silver, or bronze. Moreover, they will look stylish without or with cushions.

  • Monochromatic Wedding Bouquet for Ultimate Chic And Simple Day

An all-white monochromatic wedding bouquet is the minimalist style of the greenery, oversized bouquet trend. It is an idea with no-frills arrangements that is very refreshing, with every flower included becomes the bouquet essential.

  • Ghost Chairs

Acrylic translucent chairs that are ghostly might be an option. This seating option is stylish and chic. You can pair these chairs with greenery and dark wood for an edgy contrasting effect.

  • Sandals That Are Sleek Block-Heeled

Your wedding shoes don’t have to be uncomfortable for you to look amazing. If you want to wear heels, having elegant satin sandals in a neutral color might be suitable for a minimalist wedding. No lacing or beading required.

  • Felt Letter Board Signage

When you want to personalize your décor and bring out an essential message to your guest using signage at the wedding like the bar menu. With a minimalist themed wedding, the utilitarian because they get straight to the point.

  • White Tuxedo Jacket

When your wedding color palette has mostly or all neutrals, then you have to think carefully about what you’re wearing. Especially, which colors you intend to wear, as they will immediately stand out. Wearing a well fitted white tuxedo jacket might give you a fashion-forward edge while at the same time keeping a streamlined overall look that is fresh too.

  • Edison Bulb Lighting

From marquee and chandelier letters to neon signs and lampshades, wedding lighting trends keep on changing. Dull Edison bulbs might be the best for a minimalist wedding.

  • Plain Spa Robes

If you are planning to get ready with bridesmaids before your wedding, pajama sets and matching floral dresses are not your options when deciding what to put on for your glam sesh. Spa cotton robes are re-wearable, comfortable, and blend well with a minimalist vibe.

  • Acrylic Seating Chart

It is a chart which will give your reception a statement. Life size, translucent, seating chart is a stylish way to get on board with the acrylic wedding décor trend in a practical way.

  • Industrial Wedding Venue

Industrial wedding venue and minimalist themed wedding tend to go hand in hand. Spaces that are refurbished like lofts, warehouses, and old factories are filled with details that are edgy –cool. Think about hardwood floors, exposed bricks, and beamed ceilings. And because all those elements already have a significant visual statement, you will not require a lot of legwork or décor to enhance the venue.

  • Unembellished Wedding Dress for Minimalist Wedding

If you plan to put on a gown for your wedding day, then you are lucky! Minimalist wedding gowns are currently trending. It means that you will have a lot of options that are embellishment free to try out as you shop around for your dream wedding dress.

Minimalist wedding ideas listed above will help you to organize your ultimate chic and simple day. Any other things concerning wedding planning can be found at The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


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