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Bride’s Survival Guide: Most Unique Wedding Venues Ever Seen

With the following out of the box reception and wedding venue ideas, you will come up with a unique wedding day. From the unexpected venues, they are the best places to put on your best wedding dress and say I do, making your wedding unforgettable. You are going to save a lot when it comes to décor as they are super cool, and they will speak out for themselves.

  • Museum: While the museum might be a classic choice, there are other conservatory choices which you can choose for entertaining. City museums, natural history museums, space and air museums and even museums for children normally have spaces for rental after-hours.

You will have exhibits for your backdrop, such as a dinosaur skeleton or historic propeller plane. You need to take advantage of built-in guest entertainment and ask if the staff can provide tours that are guided or open specific exhibits for your guests to explore during the cocktail hour.

  • Tree house: It is possible to get married in a tree house. They are normally cottages that are on stilts in the middle of a forest that has a stunning view of the surrounding woodlands. It is an awesome option if you want a more intimate affair, as the cottages are normally able to hold just a few guests. It will be like taking the woodland theme to better heights. If that is the case, then plan for a rustic, outdoor wedding weekend that is full of fun activities such as group hikes combined with big meals around a campfire.
  • Converted buildings: Several wedding venues are coming up throughout the country in converted buildings such as monasteries, former warehouses, airplane hangars and factories, which you can rent out for parties.

Such unconventional places can be compared to blank canvases that can be transformed to fit in almost any aesthetic or theme, not mentioning that the addition of décor and flowers creates an awesome contrast.

And because some converted buildings happen to be run by event companies, a variety of amenities like caterers kitchen are normally ready for use. If space does not have regular events, your wedding planner will be of great help when navigating elements which are trickier like liquor and rental licenses.

  • Theater: If you love performing arts, then consider taking your marriage vows on a stage. Theater venues offer refreshments during productions, including beverages for adults and thus, they will already have a liquor license and the ability to host a bar.

Do you love the theater but want to get married in an outdoor venue? Look around for amphitheaters. You have to remember that summer is a big time for events and thus, you can consider having your wedding for late fall or early summer.

  • The National Park, State, City: Public parks have been known to provide some of the best backdrops which you will find for your fete, including wedding photos. And while they might be the best when it comes to casual, intimate weddings, pulling off an affair that happens to be on a grander scale is possible.

The trick is all about scouting out the scene and doing your research. Most public spaces require that you apply for a license ahead and will have some restrictions when it comes to rentals, equipment, sound, drinks and food.

Since you might not be able to set up a book or tent spot for a very long time, public parks are best suited for your wedding ceremony. As for your other events, look around in nearby hotels, resorts, and restaurants with a view of the spot you love for your reception.

  • Botanical garden or conservatory: If you have always dreamt of having your wedding ceremony surrounded by flowers, then you can consider having it at a local botanical garden, horticultural or conservatory center.

Besides several beautiful blooms, some gardens have a variety of tree-lined paths, pretty fountains, well-manicured flower beds, or ethereal greenhouse where you can have both the reception as well as the ceremony. And with a lot of high glass ceilings and several natural greenery, you will not require a lot of decorations and, thus, save on your budget.

  • Theme park: You are unable to get enough of the carousel, roller coasters, and cotton candy? Amusement parks such as Busch Gardens and Disneyland offer unique wedding packages to make your wedding planning as seamless as possible.

You have to keep in mind that the peak season for such parks runs from January to April, and it is normal for them to schedule receptions and weddings before or after normal operating hours.

  • Historic library: Having your wedding at the iconic library might be one of the best backdrops for a sophisticated ceremony. It is because space tends to provide sprawling and historical atmosphere, with architectural details that are just beautiful. If you are in love with literature, you will go for the idea of getting married, surrounded by your favorite novels.
  • On a boat: Are you in love with the sea? Then why not hold your wedding on a yacht, sailboat, ferry, or riverboat? Your guests are going to like it. And your photographer will have a smooth time for background changes throughout the day.

Remember that, when you marry on the water, it does not necessarily mean you go on the high seas. The out of commission military vessels and historic ships are normally permanently docked, and thus, you can hire them to hold your wedding.

  • Antique stores: If most of your time you spend antiquing over the weekend and your apartment or house is full of flea market finds, then you might be sold quite easily on the idea of having your wedding at an antique store. With that, you will have an eclectic décor to rent or buy right in. Try mixing and matching everything on your reception tables, from the centerpiece vessels to the glassware and chargers, to fit your vibe that is of a laid back nature.

Most unique wedding venues might be the right way to go for. If not, then check for other options at the ultimate bride’s survival guide.


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