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Nautical Themed Wedding Ideas

Nautical Themed Wedding Ideas

Are you thinking about having a seaside wedding ceremony or a destination wedding ceremony? What do you need for a nautical themed wedding? We have all the nautical themed wedding ideas you need! Whether you want to have an intimate wedding ceremony in the sand or a full bash on the beach, then you should take note of the nautical decorations for your wedding. From the wedding dress to themed invitations to favors and beach décor, there are a variety of ways to incorporate seafaring elements and sailing motifs in the most fun way. Get inspired by the following nautical themed wedding ideas!

  • Wedding Cake With Nautical Themed Details

Get a monogrammed cake decorated with some fondant rope to celebrate your new initials – tied in a knot. If you are looking for something that is less sailor and leans more on the beach side, you can ask your baker to create a scene that is serene of waves having a soft ombre of ruffles.

  • Customized Wedding Invitations

Let your guests know about your selected wedding theme by adding a custom motif or logo to your sets of stationery, like an anchor, a piece of rope tied on a sailor’s knot, a ship’s steering wheel (helm) or a lighthouse. If your wedding involves traveling, try adding some local-specific information, like hotel suggestion and transportation, activities for down-time and restaurants.

  • Nautical Escort Cards

Cast a fishing net over several posts or over a fence to give the impression of a kind of escort card display. And with the strong winds on the waterside, it might be one of the stable options to go for.

  • Nautical Themed Favors

Go for salt water taffy as it could be more appropriate. Ensure to display candy bags that are filled with taffy in an antique chest for your guests. You can decide to serve yourself with a candy bar that is labelled apothecary jars.

  • Bride and Groom’s Beachwear

Going for a bohemian wedding dress is a good option for ensuring things remain breezy and light. If you want to have a ball wedding gown, then go for an A-line wedding dress in a silhouette that will give an overall look to become more casual. As the groom, get down in style with a stylish button-down short-sleeved to match with neutral dress pants.

Nautical Themed Wedding Ideas

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  • Anchor Table Settings

Use light gray table cloths as they act as a neutral color to match well with the nautical blue hues such as turquoise and navy. To add more fun, you can include puzzle for crosswords filled with sailor speak on every place setting. This will allow guests to test knowledge of seafaring while waiting for the wedding dinner. There are a variety of terms to choose from like boom, stern, helm, starboard, and bow.

  • Under The Sea Décor

Decorate your table with elements that are unique such as driftwood, sea glass, starfish, or seashells. When it comes to the centerpiece, let them be lush and low to avoid blocking any views. You can decide to get crafty when it comes to floral arrangements and include sand-filled bottles or beach grass for a picnic that is authentic on the vibe at the beach.

  • Unique Table Numbers

When it comes to table numbers, try being creative. To test the nautical knowledge of your guests, utilize things such as the framed sailor’s knots. It is a fun swap instead of rational numbers.

  • Passed Apps

A nautical wedding will never be complete without having seafood on the table. Since lobster rolls and crab cakes typically include lots of seasonings and sauces, they tend to be the best option for the guests who don’t want to have fishy foods. Ensure to get local with your passed plates. Moreover, you can decorate the appetizers using small flags describing where the fishermen caught seafood that day.

  • Drop Off Point For Shoes

If you have a feeling that the guests might be swaying around in their high heeled shoes or getting a lot of sand in their formal footwear, try offering the options of flip flops.

  • Raw Food Bar

One of the benefits of having a seaside wedding celebration is the access you will have to fresh seafood. As you will not need to display on high shipping costs, think about having a small raw bar featuring freshly-caught light bites.

  • Beach Wedding Program

If you can add a fun nautical motif on your wedding stationery, ensure to include it on all the paper items in your wedding day. The escort cards, the ceremony program, and menu cards need to have a personalized décor.

  • Nautical Signage

You should not forget the fun from your theme. Including a few pieces of signage that is nautical at the food bar or bar area can be a great thing to do. It can also be staged for fun photo-ops.

  • Nautical Themed Wedding Arch

You don’t want any décor that is going to distract you from the excellent waterside view. Thus, you need to think about what to use to complement the scenery. If you use an arch that is beachy, it might just add the charm and give you a sense of space to an outdoor wedding venue. Framed your vows by an arch constructed from seashells and linen fabrics.

  • Active Entertainment

If you are having your wedding at the beach, why not get your guests onto the beach. Expand your party perimeters by coming up with games such as corn hole or horseshoes on the sand when the sun sets. Moreover, bonfire is the perfect alternative for the guests who want to take a dancing break.

  • Waterside Reception

When it comes to having a beach wedding, you are limited to the number of decorations you can incorporate to your décor. Mother Nature has already done the beautification with beautiful scenery. Go with the surroundings and allow it to take centre stage. Get a color palette that complements the sandy shorelines, the blue waters, and natural grasses.

If you have a venue in an open-air surrounding, it is best to ensure that you have a plan B up your sleeves in case the weather doesn’t work for you. Get your planner asking around for indoor space close by or the tent options.


These unique nautical themed wedding ideas will ensure that your nautical themed wedding goes on smoothly. Get more details of the nautical wedding and others by checking The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


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