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New Year’s Eve Themed Wedding Ideas To Emulate

New Year’s Eve Themed Wedding Ideas To Emulate

Looking for New Year’s Eve Themed Wedding Ideas To Emulate? Are you planning to wear your wedding dress on the last day of the year? Then go ahead and do it. Being a new year eve bride is something remarkable and which you should embrace. With a new year’s eve themed wedding, it will give you all the excuses to bring the wild side of you and take your party a level higher.

The following are some of the suggestions from new year’s wedding venue to reception decoration and even the dress to put on. Wedding menu tips and designs for wedding stationery are all included. Here are the best New Year’s Eve Themed Wedding Ideas to Emulate!

  • Chandeliers

New year’s eve themed wedding décor is all about extravagance and elegance. You can trade-in your necessary lighting fixtures for luxurious chandeliers.

  • Glitzy New Year’s Eve Candies

Your sweetheart table has to sparkle using glittering, glitzy candy, which doubles the same as the décor such as gold rock candy sticks. They will be able to serve two duties and act as your wedding favors.

  • Clock Themed Stationery

Once you are done with the most important details such as the wedding venue, and the actual times for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception, you can go ahead and work on your stationery for the wedding. Doing a clock themed design might give you a nod to the holiday.

  • Champagne Wedding Favors

Are you shopping around for boozy wedding favors that will be worthy of your new year’s eve celebrations? Going for bottles of champagne that are itty bitty might do the trick. You are at liberty to stamp them with your wedding monogram if you want them to be on another level.

  • Tablecloths That Glitter

Amplify your table scapes by going for metallic tablecloths instead of the traditional white linen for your new year’s eve dazzling wedding décor. It might be a bit expensive, especially if you are hosting a lot of guests, and you can opt to save out and apply them only on the relevant tables like the dessert display table, the buffet table, and the high table or sweetheart table.

  • Party Dress Code

There is a chance that your guests will not want to spend their new year’s eve wearing conservative cocktail wear. You can tell them to come party-ready. Make glitter, sequins, and LBDs welcome at your wedding day, but white should be off-limits.

  • Bold Wedding Dress

Get going by taking your wedding accessory ensemble a notch higher by going for gold or blinged-out wedding dress. If there was a wedding time that you need to be extra careful with your choice of dressing it is a new year’s eve themed wedding.

  • Party Hats

Ensure everyone is in the mood of celebrating by giving all the guests hats when they get at the reception.

  • Fireworks

You should make the grand finale of your new year’s eve wedding one to remember for a very long time by having a firework handy so that you paint the sky with them immediately the clock ticks at midnight.

  • Cocktail Style Catering

You can skip the formal type of plated dinner and go for cocktail style catering for your New Year’s Eve themed wedding menu to ensure your guest can mingle and mix while munching on sliders, canapes, and bite-sized versions of what they love to eat most.

New Year’s Eve Themed Wedding Ideas To Emulate

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  • Photo Booth

A wedding party is not complete without having a photo booth. Ensure that yours is new year’s eve worthy by using sequin or metallic backdrop together with fun pops such as party hats and champagne glasses.

  • Gold Wedding Shoes

Ensure to complete your look by wearing a pair of golden wedding shoes that are shiny. If you are not good walking in high heeled shoes, then you can choose to rock in a pair of boots or blinged-out converse.

  • Plenty of Champagne

Ask for champagne, drinks, or sparkling wine is something which should not miss out during your new year’s eve themed wedding. To add a festive champagne based cocktail onto your menu to add a special touch to everything.

  • Balloons

For new year’s eve wedding reception that is celebratory, decorate by filling your space with balloons. Therefore, you can match your color themes such as white, silver, gold, and black. If you want to go the extra mile, you can order numbered balloons. They can display the upcoming new year. Thus, you can utilize them as the backdrop for your head table or altar.

  • New Year’s Eve Worthy Bridesmaid Dresses

Just the way you want to look stunning in your new year’s wedding dress, and your bridal party will also want to look as glamorous as well on your wedding day.

It would be best if you asked them to put on short, shimmering, party dresses instead of gowns that are floor length. Your bridesmaids will look great and be able to bring out a move on the dance floor at the reception, without any hem obstructing them.

  • Metallic Wedding Cake

Ensure your wedding cake is dressed in a winer style! Fro example, use a celebratory metallic shade. It will help cake to stand out among the other treats available on your wedding dessert table.

  • Sparkles

You can light up your night via giving guests sparklers at the reception to play with. Your photographer should be on standby to snap the photos as well as videos.

  • Clock Backdrop For The Altar

Because it is a new year’s eve, everyone present will be watching the time. To ensure that your guest’s eyes are fixed on you and not on their watches during your wedding ceremony. You can use a big clock, giant enough, as a backdrop for your wedding altar.

  • Cocktail Centerpiece

During NYE themed wedding, you will need to forget about floral centerpieces. Instead, use clocks for the prime décor for your reception table so that everyone will know when the midnight hour approaches.

  • Confetti

When the clock strikes midnight, the streamers and confetti should be dropped on your guests! This will definitely make the moment even more special.

We hope you enjoyed these New Year’s Eve Themed Wedding Ideas To Emulate. If the new year’s eve themed wedding is your thing, at least you now have ideas on how to go about it. If not, then check out The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide for other updates.


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