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Bride’s Survival Guide: Non-Traditional Wedding Guest Book Ideas You Have Never Thought Of

It is a tradition at weddings to have a wedding guest book at your wedding reception, usually on escort cards or card boxes on a welcome table. But if you don’t like the idea of an ordinary coffee table, there are a lot of other options.   In most modern weddings, the guest book is not an actual book, and you are encouraged to get creative by choosing items that speak to wedding aesthetic and individual style.  The Wedding dress has to reflect non-traditional.

The non-traditional wedding has to be reflected in the guest book by asking them to put on paper and pen advices for marriages for every anniversary on scrolls of papers,  sign on wine corks or share their best ideas on date nights in a mason jar.

The following are some of the best wedding guest book alternatives which you can utilize.

  • Wine corks: Whether your marriage is happening in a great winery or you love to indulge in an impressive wine glass, you can get yourself a cork guest book that is heart-shaped that will come out chic and creative. After the wedding, you can hang it above a bar cart and your kitchen.
  • Wishing tones: Agate stones or polished rocks are a great idea when it comes to getting creative with your guest book for bohemian themed weddings and especially if you love nature. After you are done with your wedding, you can make the signed rocks into decorative pieces and display them in a glass vase or add them to your garden.
  • Anniversary wine bottles: It might be one of the best alternatives for a guest book if you are having a vineyard wedding and, thus, use wine bottles. Before your wedding ceremony, come up with wine bottles to share with your future spouse on your future anniversaries; ask your guests to append their signatures on them. When the time comes to opening each bottle, you will enjoy reading the names and being reminded about who attended your wedding and reminiscing about the same. The finishing touch can be personalized wine bottles.
  • Acrylic letter: If you have decided that you should share your last name with your partner, then get a large acrylic initial letter as your wedding guest book alternative and a future family keepsake.
  • Wooden plaque: If minimalist and a modern themed wedding are what you think will work for you, try a sleek, try walnut, smooth wood plaque in a circular shape. Your guest can sign their names in metallic or white calligraphy pens that will pop against the dark background.
  • Wish jar: Get a mason jar filled with tickets that are carnivore style. It will fit well if you are having a vintage or rustic wedding. You can decide to make it an annual tradition to open the jar and read out the messages from your loved ones on each of your wedding anniversary.
  • Engagement photo poster: You can show off your engagement photos by having them framed on a custom poster for the guests to sign.
  • Acrylic box: Are you for a tropical wedding theme? An acrylic box that is decorated with palm leaves and monstera will perfectly accentuate any island-inspired décor you already have. Ask your guests to fill out cards mad-lib, advice cards, or to write personal notes and place them into the box.
  • Signature tree: If the forest themed wedding venue is your idea, then a customer tree poster might be the way to go when it comes to your wedding guest book ideas.
  • Wooden hearts: Coming up with small wooden hearts are some of the popular wedding guest book ideas, especially if you are hosting a rustic themed wedding. A shadowbox framed wooden heart might be the best for showcasing the mini hearts as a decorative piece that is unique in your home. It is a style that has a room where you can add some of your favorite wedding photos.
  • Instant photos: As guests come to your wedding reception, you should allow them to use an instant camera to take selfies. Then let the guests include their pictures and a note that is handwritten to an album. Once the night is over, you will have to collect snapshots to take home and treasure for many years to come.

  • Paper scrolls: With a simple wooden box, colorful paper scrolls into a sweet yet straightforward wedding guest book alternative. It is a good idea if you are a fan of the farmhouse style.
  • Wedding venue illustration: A framed wedding venue illustration might be a great wedding guest book idea to embrace.
  • Map poster: Try bringing out your love story by having guests to append their signature on a poster highlighting where the both of you met, engaged d, and got married. In the end, you will have a product that will be an exceptional addition to your wedding gallery wall.
  • Personalized globe: Do you love traveling around the world? Then you can have your guests leaving their marks on decorative earth. Utilize one that is customized with your wedding date or your names. With the customization, it will turn out to be a good piece of your home decoration after the wedding.
  • Date night jar: Just because you are about to get married does not mean you have to stop dating your spouse. This is the time to ensure that the fire burns even more after the wedding is over to boost your relationship. You have to ask your guests to share with you their best night ideas and keep them safely in a cute jar.
  • Vintage-styled postcards: With botanical stationery trending and vintage styled postcards being able to blend well with the trend, you can incorporate the look in your reception. Guests can then write some notes on the floral cards’ back, which are enough to be framed and hang in your home after the wedding day is over.
  • Wooden blocks: If you like game nights, then you should love this particular unique wedding guest book idea. Come up with a custom-sized set of wooden blocks by asking every guest to sign their names on one of the pieces.

Non-traditional wedding guest book ideas are going to help you move away from the traditional paper guest book. For more DIY and creative ways to spice up your wedding, check out the ultimate bride’s survival guide.


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